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« Last Edit: March 15, 2018, 20:47:01 by Mar T. »
Hi all, I've seen some discussions about 'the rules' for the competitions.
What we're all forgetting imo is the 'vision' behind the competitions. Not all of you have been here from the
start so I'll explain the idea again. Please read this carefully.

We run competitions in our kitchen to encourage everyone to well.. write a song! And to have fun while we're
in this process, and share the results with each other. Together/fun. That's the keywords. 

Since there's always folks that are NOT here for the community feel, but solely to promote themselves there's
no way we can escape to give every competition an assignment and some 'rules'.

Unfortunately it's impossible to judge everyone's intentions, but we've seen enough examples of us staff being
not too strict to the competition assignment, just because we see someone is involved and tried the best he/she
could. But we will be strict when we have the feeling a contestant is solely promoting his/her recent (or even
existing) work. Or worse: drop a killer track solely to WIN the competition. That's not what the competitions
are invented for.

As for the rules (as: don't vote for your own track or be disqualified, don't post songs that existed before the
competition started, and all contestants must vote), those are enforced.

The latest competition assignment 'positive song', 'like and love not allowed' for example.
Imo we're free to point each other to the assignment, but hey, when an involved kitchener tried hard to create a song
especially for the competition, we'll never disqualify that track if someone tried to fulfill the assignment.
We love to see that we all encouraged someone into songwriting and enjoying the community spirit don't we?

Let's be positive, constructive, encouraging, have fun, create together, listen together. Ok?

Mar T.

Edit: It seems that I've not been clear enough, cleared up the difference between the 'assignment' and the rules.
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Re: Fun and competition rules - Vision
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fly away and find my peace of mind...

Hear hear ::thumb::
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« Last Edit: March 16, 2018, 04:49:53 by Rabid Parrot »
As for the rules (as: don't vote for your own track or be disqualified, don't post songs that existed before the
competition started
, and all contestants must vote), those are enforced.

Ok.  As a point of order, can that please be more explicit when writing the rules for the next competition?  I really do feel unfairly singled out when I really was excited to re-engage with this community after keeping subscribed to all the newsletters and competition posts over the past year and wanting desperately to be brave enough to try songwriting again, almost a complete calendar year since recording my last song (also a kitchen competition inspired one).  I did miss the creative energy of this place and the diverse styles that come together here.

It feels really bad to feel so unwelcome when I did follow the rules exactly as they were written with zero ill intention.  I really did create the track for this competition - as bad as I am at playing guitar and mixing now, I was far worse 4 years ago and thought it would be fun to try to bring life back to something that I had kicking around in what can only be described as demo form at best.  I had never introduced this track to the kitchen or entered it into another contest and I started the recording from scratch just for the competition so I could share it.  I guess I don't understand how it can be considered as egregious as just plunking in a track from years ago.  Again, considering that is exactly what some routinely do for the competitions - basically taking a song that fits the theme and entering it (which is also noted from some of these entries), or pulling out an old instrumental and fiddling with it with new words (to which no one would admit).  As long as the competition inspires someone to create, I will always be supportive.   

I think I am an outlier in that I am not a musician and don't have any idea what I'm doing other than trying to translate something that is in my head - I try because I love creating lyrics and love music.  I had hoped it would be enough to want to share that in a forum for amateur songwriters.  As a lyricist first, I always felt i had less to offer a place like this, where people are more interested in production and sounds and mixing, and everyone seems so set in their styles that their lyrics are often sacrosanct - the one area in which I have confidence in my ability.  It was a pleasure and highlight in my time here to be able to collaborate with some amazingly creative forces here and to offer something unique in the collaborations I had the chance to work on. 

I appreciate all those that did try to make me feel welcome and to bring some levity back into the discussion and I just wish this misunderstanding didn't spark such controversy.  All the best to all of you guys - you are all supremely talented and this place at its best is a fantastic resource to develop and focus those talents!  Keep on making music - there will never be enough!

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Hi everybody here's the assignment for the first competition of 2018, the so called 'Write an extremely positive song' competition - Please join!!

The competition will run from now until halfway march (see below) or close earlier when all entries are in.

The assignment is simple:
-Write an extremely positive song.
-Don't use the words 'like' and 'love'.

A few rules:
-We organise these competitions to encourage songwriting. So please only post results that were created between now and the end of the year.
-When you finish your result please post it in in a NEW Songs for Review thread (NOT in this thread) and add '- Positive Song Comp' at the right of the song title to the subject. Please leave a comment in this comp thread with a link to your 'Songs for review' post, that makes it easy for me to collect the results...
-We will not vote for our own submission when voting is opened.
-All contestants need to vote (so we cancel out the chance a contestant benefits him-/herself from NOT voting).

This time we'll only announce the top-5 winners, the rest of the results list will remain hidden. Contestants can ask our staff how they scored, if they're interested.

In the mean time, of course we would like to know who's going to take part in this competition, we expect as least 15 contestants! Let us know! Leave us a reply so we can build a contestant list in the second (reserved) post..

Cheers! :bloodymarti:

Oh, the deadline.. The deadline will be the 15th of March:

@Rabid Parrot , let's turn that around. Why didn't you read the first post of the comp? It's above. All clearly and literally stated..
Talk to us mins/mods when things are not clear. As said in the OP of this thread, there are rules and an assignment. That's it.

@Mar T.  + @Rabid Parrot  - all read, not quite understood every aspect of this discussion, but nevermind. Will vote and keep my eyes & ears open to the next competition / challenge / assignment.
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