• the new songwriting challenge isss....[official thread :-)]
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thanks team!

i just gave a lot on right now so i’m going to go quiet for a bit, sort out my shit, and then i’ll be back. i have some really irrational fears and insecurities at the moment,

but i just had my oldest female friend tell me she disagrees with almost everything i do, even other women differ wildly in their feminist opinions. it becomes treacherous ground

and yet... that’s what i wrote, i was brave i stepped out... i’m going to test them on a friend this weekend sort out the rational from the irrational,

 and maybe take valium for a week, you guys continue on while i have my mini breakdown,

you have my blessings to make unrecognisable balloon pop - see what i did there?
“everything is simple, nothing is as straightforward as it seems”.— Me

you have my blessings to make unrecognisable balloon pop

  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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thanks @lu77  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

 i hope you will feel better soon  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

perhaps some Balloon pop music….can cheer  :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: you up  :dance: :dance: :dance: ???

best wishes from these low, and extremely HOT and dry lands  :P ::) ::)...we are breaking the all time temperature records here  ...luckily, climate change is a hoax...according to some...in power

but... ::) :P :P nevertheless we are melting out here...right @LePlongeur @Goatrelated @Mar T. @oorlab @Pleudoniem @budhabuilding and @allotherdutchies

and luckily…i still have a few more days to finish my entry for this

write and record lyrics and vocals to the song from @lu77 - challenge

me, myself, and Pie

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few more days to finish my entry for this

Thanks @Dutchbeat  - and goodl uck to @lu77  - may the force be with you.
Greetings from the Adriatic coast - also quite hot, but not as hot as Paris, London and Amsterdam. I do hope to have something on offer before August 1, I brought a guitar and simple hand held recorder, so I might get a tune done.
But if not - best of luck to the fellow songwriters working on the Balloon Song.
new guitar 4-6-2020 https://soundcloud.com/oorlab/12string-demo1 12string Cort.

Thanks @lu77  .. come back anytime! Agreed with @Leonard Scaper  ... we'd love to hear any of your songs!!!  (you can even feel free to DM them if you don't want them out public or whatever. Heck, I rarely ever put anything up in 'songs for review') seriously.

I'm really happy that I can keep going with our balloon song because my family and I already put a lot of work into it.   :)
.... and ... it will be unrecognizable! lol  ;D
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November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

So … I don't know how you all are doing on this challenge ….  @Dutchbeat  @oorlab  @realkevm  @1roomstudio  @robertkc    ….. but anyway I just finished all my tracking am now at the mixing stage!  And,  @lu77 I warned you about this - you won't even recognize your song when we are done with it!  :D  NS is making the balloon song sexy.  :loveit:    ha, ha  :lol:
Full disclosure: when I posted my version of lyrics I thought I was done  ::) I’ve been working pretty hard on a bunch of stuff... music (hoping to post a sketch today!) videos (I’m on YouTube now!) the dreaded day job, World Art Day (it’s a long story) family etc. I suppose it’s possible I’ll find the time and energy to sing my lyrics to @lu77 ‘s track.... frankly ... I was really hoping to hear @lu77 sing it  ;)

I made an effort to fit my lyrics exactly to her syllabic rhythm... i think it’s part of the power and potential of the piece... just the way she sang it sounded very much like “hey!... it goes like THIS everybody...”

Well there is still a bit of today and most of tomorrow... I got a lot of work to do...

Looking forward to hearing what everybody comes up with 😎

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Also posted in the review section

Wow... what a cool interpretation!

See what you’ve done @lu77 .... your music is alive!

Looking forward to hearing more...

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