• The 'Travel Song' AND/OR 'Retro Rework' competition - VOTING THREAD
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Congratulations to @Bill from November Sound and @Mar T.    ::headphone::
Thx @blue2blue !! You ( and @Leonard Scaper  ) were incredibly close to the top-5 ! Fortunately we're all winners, fantastic entries (again!!) this time!

Here's the top-5 on our kitchen SC page: https://soundcloud.com/songwriter-in-the-kitchen/sets/the-travel-song-and-or-retro

Wow Top 5!!! Totally unexpected. One of the nice by products of these competitions is that I get a lot of listens that I never would normally get and likewise listen to songs that maybe I would have missed.

Congratulations to @Bill from November Sound  and everyone else.

Fantastic work @Vince , well done!!


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This was a fantastic competition. Congrats to you @Bill from November Sound and to the most excellent runners up.
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Well done everybody - great comp and a nice variety of music
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aargh.... I always miss the live announcements!!!!!!!!    :D

Thank you so much! It is truly an honor.
Thanks to Melissa who is my voice and Will who is my right hand man.

Wonderful entries everyone! I've truly enjoyed listening to the playlist and it was very difficult to vote as they were all so very good!

Top 5 all within 1 or 2 votes....That's Crazy!!!

Share your music with the world everyone. If you're new to the kitchen: Join the competitions!!!!! You'll write music that you may not have ever written. You'll learn from other people that you may have never heard otherwise.

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Lots of fun! Congrats to the winner and, really, kudos to all who fielded entries! I made an outline with notes and I found each effort had multiple points of charm and songcraft in my estimation.

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Great comp everybody ::thumb:: Big congrats to the winners and everyone who entered  ::thumb:: Don't you think they should all get 25 karma points  ;D ;D ;D @Mar T.  ::Suzy::