• Anyone up for a collaboration?
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Anyone up for a collaboration?
on: August 10, 2019, 08:19:00
Hi y'all,

I'm a new member, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's work in the forum. I guess you call me a songwriter, but I got a pretty good knack for lyrics and a few melodies (I'm not Bernie Taupin in the stretch in the imagination haha ;D ;)). I was looking around the forum, and I see lots of great instrumentalists and musicians with killer piano and production skills. I was wondering if anyone was willing to be some sort of partner or collaborator in a song? Just bouncing off ideas to one another. I think we could work well if we try to make something memorable and fun.

If anyone is interested, just shoot a reply or a PM to me.

Anyways, cheers!


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Re: Anyone up for a collaboration?
Reply #1 on: August 10, 2019, 11:03:51
Hi, and welcome to this forum.
The more the merrier!

Please be aware that I am not a native speaker of the language, so.....

In my own  language, I write lyrics that are witty and about all kinds of things. If I may say so, I am applauded in Dutch and Flemish forums, but it seems like my lyrics donít travel well. Plus I find it very difficult to meet the kind of self mocking/quality that I am aiming for when attempting English lyrics.

I very much dislike the I love you so baby please donít go kind of stuff. Also lyrics about the ebb and flood of the sea, and the flowing of the river as metaphors for romantic things are not my cup of tea.

Proof of creativity in 1961, but weíve moved on since then.
This is not meant as disrespect to those who love this style, only as an indication that I canít relate to that.

So, in short, if there is a twist in your lyrics, or anything to make it stand out, I would love to give it a heart and soul try.

Iím having a compu problem at the moment so I am reluctant to scroll through the forum for some links to give you an idea what my music is about. I fear my connection with the internet is not stable enough.
So I will leave it up to you to do that.

Plus another thing: each year I travel some 20 weeks. During that period I wonít be able to make a contribution. My bed room recording thingy doesnít work in a tent.

Apart from all this,  iíll Be more than glad to work with you. And I wonít be the only one.
Kind regards, Gus

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Re: Anyone up for a collaboration?
Reply #2 on: August 10, 2019, 21:07:21
@HappyDays  - welcome to the forum. @LePlongeur - good call, for lyrics with a twist. Let's have more collaborations on the forum.


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