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It's my first time here on this website.
I am a producer and songwriter but I also mix and master stuff.
Not a professional but to get there I need the practice. That's why I am here.
Been doing this for about 10-11 years. So I got pretty vast knowledge of the "hit making"
My personal soundcloud is a bit trap influenced at the moment but I work with EVERY type of music.
I really want to work with new people and create some dope music. No matter what genre.

If you you need any producer advice to improve your song, mixing or even mixing tips, hit me up!

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Hey @LavaOfficial , welcome to the kitchen and thanks for your offer! Great to hear you're here to learn, that's a win-win!
Are you only mixing Rap songs? We have a whole lot of different music styles being practiced here. Great opportunity to expand your horizon on styles as well ;-)
Listened to 03Removal, that sounds awesome to me!
May I invite you to introduce yourself in the 'Me' section of the forum so we know a bit more about you, your musical background, where you live etc.?
Have fun here!

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Pretty cool stuff there @LavaOfficial ......I think your skills could be applicable to every genre......even mine. You will find EVERY genre of music here at The Kitchen as we are a very eclectic group of songwriters.

I'll be looking for your comments on some of the music here. Welcome!!
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hi @LavaOfficial

welcome to the kithcne and thanks for introducing yourself!

I hope you will like it here at the kitchen  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::
me, myself, and Pie

Thank you guys for the heart warming welcome!
I'm gonna introduce myself a bit more in the near future.

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Reply #5 on: August 07, 2017, 01:13:46
Hey @LavaOfficial - amazing tracks on your Soundcloud! I just followed you so I am looking forward to future uploads.

I am also new to this Kitchen, slowly going through all thread and I see your amazing offer. Check out my soundcloud or my demo album on Spotify, if there is anything there that you would like to mix/master/produce, let me know !! I want to start making a bigger splash with my music and once I finally have a track mastered, I will create a pro looking music video to match it and then start my goal of using my contacted to get it played on TV and Radio. But right now I can not approach them with the quality of my work... its all recorded from iphone with zero mastering haha.

Anyways, yo. Nice to know you here. Holla at me anytime

Peace & Love

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