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on: April 29, 2017, 07:39:41
here is the other song i mentioned that i would love someone to try to help me figure out the chords and the progression i used, I know i used a capo but i don't remember on what fret, and i think it was standard tuning but using a capo so it could be in my vocal ranger, i just need help figuring out the chords like i mentioned earlier i was working on this for a girl i met online who motivated me to keep pushing myself to get better and she kept me company for those 4 lonely years in rehab and i was working on this idea to turn it in to a song for her to tell her thank you for being there for me and to show my appreciation, so any help is much appreciated here is the link to the idea called inseparable on sound cloud...here is the link and any help is much appreciated thank you so much and God bless you all....


here are the lyrics i was writing:


i wish there were no miles between us
i really hate the distance but your worth the wait
i know theres an ocean that lies between us
its gonna take more than that to keep me away

so i continue to hold on
be patient and keep calm
im longing for the day till i can
hold you in my arms

cause we are inseperable
even when were miles and miles apart
cause we are insperable
and youre still holding all of my heart
cause we are inseperable
 we are inseperable

cause we are inseperable
we are inseperable
and nothing will keep us apart
written by jayc

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Re: inseparable
Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 13:02:44
@jayc ,

If standard tuning, I believe the capo is on 3rd fret and the initial three chords are in the "hand shape" of D, A, G. The bar chord section is in the "hand shape" of (G), B, D, G(repeated). Hope this helps.


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