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My name is Anne, I'm from Europe. At the moment I'm working on a school project.
In this project I'm looking for new ways to promote musicians in the music industry and to help them find easier ways to arrange gigs or venues.
To achieve this I would like to ask you some questions, to find out what life is like for a singer songwriter in the music industry. I'm curious to know how you find your gigs? If you work with an agency? And what is important for you in finding and filtering venues where you would like to perform?

I would really appreciate your help! :)

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Hi @singer_songwriter2017
welcome to the kitchen, and thanks for introducing yourself  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

grab a kitchen chair and make yourself at home....i hope some of the songwriters out here will help you with your school project

i don't gig myself anymore, and never was good at it, so i guess i would not be very suitable for your project.....but i think there will be a few fellow kitcheneers and kitchenettes that can tell you more about this...
me, myself, and Pie

Thank you very much, I hope so! ;)

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  • If you can stand the Beat, get into the Kitchen!

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Hi @singer_songwriter2017

you could perhaps go to our "live performances board" and see who of our members are doing live gigs and send them a PM (personal message) via this forum with your request

and we have a new member you seems to do a lot of live performances and does that very well:
his name is @mikeonthemoon
and i think @Katze Königsberg does a lot of live performances
and @revivalchoir
and @Introverse77

come on you live performers  8) 8) 8) 8), help @singer_songwriter2017 out here !

I usually just do things myself .. which mostly involves saying no unless the money is right. I used to just always want to play any show for any reason, but after you do that a thousand times you kind of would rather write quietly at home. I feel like I'm the wrong person to ask bc i actively try to get out of obligations :)

Hi there,

I can speak mainly for France actually (except for a couple of Open Mic i did back in London, but it's not exactly the same).

And, the same for me, i usually do it by myself (and i know by experience most of the bands and artists i know do the same). The best thing to do is to search for places and venues online (bars, small venues, etc.) and just call them or email them to know if you can play there.

Most of the time, they don't ask for much but they want to be sure you know how to play (some tracks on YouTube or Soundcloud is usually enough). And that's it. However, it's really hard to find places where you gonna be paid. There's a couple of venues like this in Paris where you can play and you get a share on the entree fee, but most of the time you play for free.

So i did that a lot a couple of years ago but i tend to play less because it's becoming harder and harder to find some nice venues if you don't get help (band manager, etc.). So, indeed, to find a way to help the band booking some places to play would be a great idea.

If you want to talk more, feel free to send me a PM.


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Ive just finished with a gigging band that I was with for the last three years. it was always hard for us to find gigs as we were doing retro 50's - 70's stuff so we didnt really suit bars. We got most of our gigs from word of mouth and played private gigs like weddings, birthdays, a few biker rallys and service clubs.  The money was never that great considering all the work involved setting up and breaking down gear so now I just jam with buddies and do the odd solo accoustic performance. Much more relaxed and easy that way.
Part time musician, photographer, astronomer, computer pragramer and husband.

hi @singer_songwriter2017
sorry, i am late! there were problems to tag my name. I just found your post.
Do you still need help! I am happy to help you with your survey  :D

Katze Königsberg  ;)

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Re: Looking for helpful singer songwriters to interview :)
Reply #8 on: August 05, 2017, 12:36:43
Hi everyone!

ny name is iiviivix, pronounced i i v i i v i x ;)

I am living in Torino, Italy. Where abouts in Europe are you Anne? =)

I am happy to help with your interview as well. I find gigs by networking, meeting people and telling them what I want to do. Its a bit easier for me because I own a company that manages artists & creates events with sponsorships, so it provides all the contacts I need for my personal pursuit. Although I try not to abuse the power =P So I stray away from my contacts and go seeking people who don't know who I am, I mix with other rappers and musicaians, I tell everyone I want to do more live gigs and then from there opportunities arise - people start contacting you saying 'hi, my friend said you are keen for collaborating?" and I don't ask any money for collaboration, so we create, put what we create out there and someone hears it and contacts you., I think its the best way to get rolling, but like @revivalchoir says, the money isn't always right for the shows and if the party is not your scene, as an artist you definitely want to be home comfortable or at least at another party =P But the right events come up every now and then.

Playing on the street is also a good way to get business cards from people looking for your skills. Otherwise, just walking up to venues and saying - who is your venue manager, and having a chat with them can also point towards better opportunities.

If you don't have an agent, you gotta be that guy - a charismatic energetic aura-boosting person, confident with belief in yourself, your talents and excited with whatever you are doing / talking about =)

Hope this helps! feel free to contact me if you want to know more

Peace & Love


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