• She already recorded the vocals but I couldn't finish the song.
  • Started by Bill from November Sound
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Melissa nailed the vocal takes but ....
Well, my original version of the song was stupid so I sent it to our friend Giovanni del Anna (Delangio) in Italy to make it into something.

Burning Ember -The Pantheon Project Feat. November Sound

There's no verse. I wrote this poem but my voice sounds awful reading it and it doesn't really make all that much sense. I sent Delangio the vocal tracks and he made a roofhouse version.

So here's the chorus:

Colder days are coming
It's almost to November
Beneath these scattered ashes,
Will you be my burning ember?
I don't need no fire.
I just want you to remember
when I lose spark for life
You'll be my burning ember. 

Will you be my warmth?
Be a ray of light.
On this cold, cold night
I want you to remember what we were.

I think this is pretty cool. The words have meaning to me because the school where I work had a massive fire just a couple of days before the first day of school. It was very traumatic for me and everyone else, really .... we had to move to an old abandoned high school ... no heat, dimly lit .... difficult situation but everyone was okay and that is what matters most. I had to try to make the best for the children but inside it was pretty painful. Maybe the song was too personal?

Anyway, I like what he did with this. I didn't want to waste Melissa's fine vocal performance.

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I listened to this and i enjoyed it very much. I also listened to some of his other tracks,the guy is very talented.

Nice track......a very pleasant listen. You're right about not wasting that nice vocal from Melissa.
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Thanks @Vince and @Leonard Scaper  .... I'm glad that Giovanni could make something out of it. It's kind like what you (Leonard) and @Dutchbeat make in a way .... but I think you finish the song and then he remixes it? Here I gave up on the song and sent him the vocal takes. He made all the music. 

Mate that is sexy music,  made for hot lithe gyrating bodies. Damn I don't think that describes me anymore.
Anyway i can still feel it, even if I can't move it, so I'm with you in spirit.
Very nice sound you got here , vocal and  keys sound like they were done in heaven and  sent to earth to arouse and engender luurve.
I actually like the spaces in this where you were going to put a verse, it dont need more vocal it works great the way it is.
It's not my sort of music but I can review it and appreciate it.

Hi @eric craptone  thanks for the kind words. It's not really my music either ... but I love the way Giovanni is so excited about making music. I've become pretty jaded and I don't feel the joy so much anymore. Even though I'm an ocean away I like being around him ya know? He's a good influence on me.

My original stuff was pretty dark. I just couldn't finish it in a way that didn't sound stupid, though. So I asked him if he wanted the tracks.

My son thinks it is too old fashioned. I agree in a way but I like listening to it.

Hi @Bill from November Sound

The lyrics are beautiful, the voice too, and your friend has made a fantastic arrangement and a very good production full of rhythm. Very good work. How nice to have taken advantage of Melissa's voice!
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