• Standing Rock lyric now a project on ProCollabs and Kompoz (collaboration sites)
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Hello everyone,

I'm doing everything I can think of to get my topical lyric Standing Rock set to music, recorded, and up on YouTube.

I've opened projects on both ProCollabs and Kompoz.com. If you're not familiar with these sites they're designed to make it easy to collaborate with other musicians all over the world. I've been a member of Kompoz for almost 7 years. I just joined ProCollabs this year.

Here are the links to the projects... https://www.procollabs.com/project/668    https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/710778

You may have to join the site to access the project. Not sure. Let me know if you have any problems.

Right now all that's up is the lyric... this one... (you'll notice I made some changes Jim :) )

   Standing Rock

I may be a white man
but I stand with Standing Rock
rock solid till we win
'cause if we don't win then everything is lost

Verse 1:
They're tryin' to shove a pipeline
deep as they can go
across the native nations
down to the Gulf of Mexico.

They don't care about the water,
don't care 'bout human needs,
only care 'bout their shareholders
in all their thoughtless greed.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:
The earth was never ours
we live here awhile
some leave it pure and clean
some abuse and defile

The time has come to gather
and own all the strength we have
to save our Mother Earth
from those who see Her as their slave.

Repeat chorus:
I'm a lyricist seeking music writers to work with.

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