• So who here uses Logic Pro X??
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So who here uses Logic Pro X??
on: July 26, 2021, 09:55:27
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I've started working with a small label for my new act which will be promoted in September (www.redmondrecords.com) which is super exciting because its the first time I've stopped fighting the industry and decided to actually work it like everyone else. (Three cheers for Monty everyone!  :pompom:)

The guy here that does all the mastering uses Logic Pro X and it's got some great plugins but it's user interfact is not something I enjoy (yet).

Has anyone else here made the same shift from another windows based DAW to feel like they are in an alien land?  ::e-guitar::

I'm so used to being able to directly edit my audio with a range of tools that it's sometimes doing my head in how backward it seems to do some things that take a simple click of a button on a DAW.

It has great native plugins, instruments for midi recording, and an attractive layout - It also has a vast library of drum loops and samples which as an acoustic musician that makes all his own samples, seems almost useless.

I feel like I need to find one really good DAW - spend the money - and stick with it. At the moment, I find myself using audition, audacity and fruityloops simultaneously to achieve a certain goal. Is this normal? lol

Upcoming release 'Foundation' available on redmondrecords.com September 2021!