• How to receive e-mail notifications from our forum?
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« Last Edit: August 26, 2016, 21:23:37 by MartiMedia »
Hi everybody, I know not everybody receives e-mail notifications from our forum, that's because you'll have to configure
those yourself. Imo they are really handy, they contain links to where the activity has taken place and they'll encourage you
to be taken to the forum to respond (hence is good for keeping the interaction going).

Please DON'T reply to the notifications (by e-mail), just follow the link included the notification and reply on the forum.

Here's how to:

Notifications on posts in topics:
In your profile setting's under'Modify profile' you'll find 'Notifications'
I have checked the first two checkboxes,
I selected 'Instantly' in the fist pull-down menu and I selected 'Replies
and moderation' in the second pull-down menu.

Notifications on new topics in a board (eg 'Forum News/Updates'):
From the board-index (forum main page) click on the board title ((eg 'Forum
News/Updates') and you'll see a 'Notify' button on top (next to 'New topic').
When you click that you'll receive notifications when new topics are started
for that specific board. If you want these notifications as well for new
topics in the other boards you'll have to click the 'Notify' button in those
boards as well.

Notifications on PM's from other kitcheners:
Go to 'My messages' and under 'Preferences' you'll find 'Change settings'
Set the 'Notify by email..' to 'Always'.

Cheers kitcheners!!

BTW: I noticed sometimes when the forum is busy the forum refuses to send a notification when appropriate,
but most of the times I get all of them. Just make sure you'll always check the forum if you've missed
something ;-)

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Re: How to receive e-mail notifications from our forum?
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thanks ...Respect

thank you
@MartiMedia !!!!!!

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