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For all of you who missed the most recent newsletter, here it is!


Hi everybody, it's time again for a Songwriters in the Kitchen newsletter! We've been busy with all kinds of new initiatives, so if you haven't visited us for a while, come in and have a look!

-New site theme
First of all we implemented a completely new site theme. The old theme became oldskool, so we chose a more modern (and darker) look. We hope you'll all enjoy using this new theme!
Should you have suggestions for improvement (and of course if you just want to drop some thumbs up), please post them here:

-Kitchen 5ys anniversary and European summit
In the beginning of September, our beloved Kitchen celebrated its 5 years anniversary. A few weeks ago we had a European summit gathering in Belgium, and 7 kitcheners joined!! In the thread below we posted some pictures and videos to give you an impression. It was a fantastic experience!

-Cover challenge 2018, 3rd edition
The 3rd edition of the 'Cover another kitchener's work' challenge we had a strong list of entries. You can listen to the results and find our who's won this challenge here:

-Ongoing song snippet challenges
During the summit we had the idea that it would be great to invite everyone to try to crack song snippet challenges. Those 'snippets' are fragments of randomly chosen songs (from our kitcheners of course). Giving the right answer will result in an increase of your karma value. When you crack enough of them, you'll even receive a free kitchen glove!
Here's how it works: https://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/forum/challenges/18/the-kitchen-song-snippet-challenge/4734/

-Kitchen Radio
In the past we've spoken about implementing a Kitchen radio, with songs from all our kitcheners, played in a random order. It was still on our to-do lists, but last month we released the kitchen radio player! There's a link to the radio on the bottom of each page of the forum.
Soon, we'll be asking who's interested in adding their tracks to the kitchen radio, so stay tuned! We also need jingles (short 'kitchen radio promotional sounds') created by kitcheners. 
Here's how the radio works: https://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/forum/forum-newsupdates/17/built-a-kitchen-radio-plus-submit-your-kitchen-radio-jingles-its-fun/4749/
You can also submit jingles in this thread, or post a request to add your songs to the radio. To be on the radio there'll be some requirements about your post-count and karma on the forum. There'll also be a requirement that the song is posted and gone through the 'Songs for review' board of the kitchen.

-Kitchen VST instrument for free
Last but not least, we have a free Kitchen VST instrument to offer to everybody for FREE! Check it out!!

If you're new or not really active in our kitchen, please read our guidelines to get an idea how to find your way around. They're here, it's only a 3 minute read:
You'll find great tips to grow your kitchen status/rank to Chef!!

Cheers everybody, and we hope to see you around soon!

The kitchen staff.

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