• 2018 / 2019 - The End of the Year Thread - it's time to reflect and plan ahead
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So,  Two simple questions for you all.

1) What were your highlights (and low-lights) musically in 2018 ??

2) What are you looking forward to in 2019. Working with new gear / instruments, new opportunities , new projects / ideas ??

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Not many people reflecting here yet! Maybe New Year's Eve will flush them out @MrBouzouki

My 'highlight' is not one thing in particular, but just gratitude that I was able to have the time to be able to develop a few songs and feel a sense of creative fulfilment after finishing a couple of them in particular. Being inspired now and again by some excellent practitioners on here and elsewhere definitely helped!

For 2019 I am hoping for more of the same. I wrote about 20 songs in 2018, but only think about three or so of them will be still treasured by me in a few years time. So if 2019 gives me another three to be really proud of in the medium term then I will be very happy! But what I have learned is to keep producing as you never really know when - whatever your ability level - you are onto a relative winner for you!  :ok:
If you like novels with a musical theme, why not try 'Sixth Beatle - When Music Changed The World', easily found on Amazon and Google. It is amazing, although as the author I may be biased!

1) highlight:  Skype-ing in to the Songwriters in the Kitchen summit.....  :)......everything else lowlights.  :-[  pretty much....
2) wish I could come up with something intelligent and inspirational to say here ....oh well  :yawnee:
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Good thread, MrB.

Hmmmmm......I feel as though I turned a bit of a corner this year with my recording and mixing. I am working harder on the sound in my room and doing less in the mix and I can finally hear the results from that.

In 2019 I'll be looking for new influences on my music from right here in The Kitchen.
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How do I hahaha at something hahaha-able?
Ok I Ďm being a bit off my whatever because I had to fry the gods know how many oliebollen.

Ok planning three days ahead? I am going to buy a new guitar.
An electric one, because I value the friendship of my neighbors.

But in general, planning ahead? Traveling for 5 weeks starting the 14th of January?
Itís pure luxury I guess. If thereís every day something to look forward to, planning becomes something that take too much time.

And Iím going to celebrate my one year being Kitchener.
I hope you blow out the candle. I look better in the dark.
Kind regards, Gus

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Just reading up about  oliebollen Gus @LePlongeur ... always something to learn in the Kitchen. We need details and pictures of your new baby Gus.

I think you have had a really good year @MichaelA and I'm expecting much more from you are you are on a bit of a roll at present.

Come on @Bill from November Sound, you are underselling yourself as usual as you've all created some fantastic music this tear.

I'm glad you feel inspired by your more 'organic' approach @Leonard Scaper ... getting it how you want it as it's laid down is a definite plus and probably results in more dynamic creativity, capturing that moment of performance. 

Well for me,  2018 must really be all about my adventures in instrumental projects, particularly The Pilgrims Way. Also developing an idea of how to use orchestral instruments to broaden my pallet of sounds has been a revelation and I've enjoyed some SC collaborative work.

2) For 2019, as well as monks and stuff, I must get back into Deep Space, a damaged soul needs to get home. Also I must remember to write songs again and also pick up my stringed instruments more. Strings, still is my thing ;-)

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True story- I opened the cabinet door this morning and a glass fell out and broke on the counter. Guess what kind of a glass it was? A 2018 wine glass from last year. The glass had 2018 on it.

I'm not very good at these things but I'll give it a shot.

My music lows are probably not finding enough time to follow through with ideas much of the time in 2018. The highs were I suppose the few things I did  manage to do.

One goal for 2019 is to finally finish a decent studio space and move out of my old space. I began in 2018 . The move gets very complicated when considering all of the things that need to be done first. It's part of a larger project and the studio was tacked on to it. The main motive for this is to have a little more seclusion. Work on the new space means less work on music though.

Other goals are to use technology and original backing track construction more in my live music work as a church musician.  Another goal  is to make and market notation in addition to recorded music. Lastly, to keep practicing and become a better violinist.

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2018 resulted in 8 new Jambrains songs, 6 songs with Ashes for Dreams (with @Zedd) and 3 with Sky Lanterns  (with @LostBoy ).
That is one song released every third week, total madness!!
So I should really get some rest in 2019 but I know myself well enough to know that won't happen so I guess I'll just keep going in the same way.   ;D ;D ;D ;D
Will try to do some covers though, see if I can find some new listeners that way.
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