• What are they selling now?
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Re: What are they selling now?
Reply #15 on: August 17, 2018, 19:54:36
We are being pitched to everyday, not just in music - insurance companies, credit card companies etc. all want your business, If you started a business you would get sales pitches on how to increase your business, the perfect web-site, software to make you more efficient etc.

I read that a current issue is for artists to pay for views (not listens) because the more views the more YouTube or other media brings your product up in searches, which creates more views. Also, in theory more views may bring you to the attention of maybe  someone influential. I don't think these are scams because your getting what you pay for, but is it a waste of money? Also, some "influential" bloggers will post a review of your song for $$

I googled some stuff - there is about 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube / minute (is that even  possible?)
there are 10 hours of audio uploaded to SoundCloud / minute

Just on my stream on SC from people I follow, I get so much posted I can't even listen to it all. Also, it's like going to open Mic Night, your playing for other artists (who probably can't wait for you to finish so they can get up there).

You could write the perfect song, but statistically, your up against it. You could network, maybe someone who has a foot in the door could give a helping hand.

Of course, after working on your songs, arrangements, productions, playing at any place that will have you there is always (I am a firm believer in this) ... dumb luck  ;D