• After the Kitchen Acoustic Cafe ....
  • Started by Bill from November Sound
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Re: After the Kitchen Acoustic Cafe ....
Reply #15 on: April 30, 2020, 07:52:00
Ugh @LePlongeur @Dutchbeat   :D
You're killing me.   :blackgrin:   I guess that's what I get for posting a cover  ::)   :bonk:

No, @Bill from November Sound . It’s not what you get for posting a cover. It’s what you get for posting a cover that’s too tidy. Too neatly ‘in between the lines’.
I would love the two of you surprising us all with something noisy, wild. The most beautiful flowers grow along the edge of the abyss.

Play something wild, and I promise you to donate an even amount/number of kudos or what’s the name. But even.
That’s a promise.
Kind regards, Gus