• Brown Eyes - I think I might have finally finished this song
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Hey all, hope you're doing well in the new year.

This is a song I've been working on for ages, I wrote the chords over a year ago and I've been slowly writing and re-writing the words since then. I really just wanted it to be perfect and have that classic feel, and I think it's finally in a place I'm really happy with.

Would love some feedback on it!

Wow! You have a fantastic voice @Joon River !!!

I love the way you play this as well. You need to post the lyrics that you worked so hard on so we can truly appreciate this excellent piece of music.
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Thanks! Here's the full lyrics:

[Verse 1]
That girl with a smile like a stray sunbeam
Brown eyes that'll see right through me
I guess I'm forgetting my lines
Twice of the words in half of the time
Play as ourselves and it just feels right

Lucky guy
Don't know why
Call me blind
But I can't find
A point against her
I'm so high
She calls me hers
I call her mine

Can't believe I've found my girl
The two of us in a quiet world

It's more than I've ever felt
About anything or anyone else

Been thinking about who I used to be
Before I found her and she found me

Now I'm standing here and all I can see
Is my girl, my girl

[Verse 2]
Her laugh like honey in a sweet tea
Pour another Iím stuck like a child in a dream
I fall again each time she's
Laying beside me with her head against mine
I'll forget what's on my mind



I lose track of time when
Iím with you
My Mother said she loves you,
I said I do too

For better or worse, and everything else, I'm stuck with you
My friends all say I'm hopeless,
I know it's true


I have really enjoyed your song, it is beautiful, with some soft and subtle changes in some parts, simple and beautiful, I liked everything. Very good work. @Joon River

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Very nice @Joon River  !
Not technically a live performance in my opinion but I really like it!  :) 
If you ever decide you want to get more active and involved on YouTube I'll happily support your channel. Great music you are writing and hopefully more to come.
Good show!
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Thanks! Sorry if this isn't what the live performances board is for, I wasn't sure where to put this.

I'd love to get more active on YouTube, I intend to start posting more originals/covers this year there and on insta

No @Joon River  no complaints whatsoever.
It's awesome!
I'm very happy you shared it and hope more people will check it out.

You can stick a fork in it, it's done  ::heart::  @Joon River

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SUPER! @Joon River  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Welcome aboard @Joon River
And if I may ask, do I hear an alternative tuning here?
For your info, I donít play normal tuning so I may be mistaken.

Regardless of the way that you have made it, I like the result quite a lot.

Keep them coming!
Kind regards, Gus