• Me and the boys solo - a solo from my new song :) Full song soon
  • Started by Kajetan Zduniak
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Hello guys !
i have been working on a new song for last month i want to post a solo taken from it :) i know that its isnt perfect because i recorded it at the first attempt hah
let me know what you think !

Bravo! You really get a hold of it in the second half.

i sure wish my fingers could move like that!!!

Nice job @Kajetan Zduniak   ... you're burnin' it up!  ... and my typical comment of ...  I wish you lived closer! We could totally jam on Monday nights!  :)
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Pretty smooth, man....you have been practicing a lot I think.   :)
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Your improvement is obvious, you seem to play with relaxed natural technique...sounding great!
Do what makes your heart sing :)

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