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A Room Full of Memories
on: March 25, 2019, 12:58:09
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Well I'm on a bit of roll in the words department at the moment.
I came up with an interesting finger-style pattern this morning and came up with these lyrics.

But it's the end of the story .... not the beginning so I need to work backwards

Updated - now I've worked forwards too so I now have :-

Room Full of Memories (P Goodrich 25/03/19)

The first time she saw him
He captured her heart
She married her lover
Found a house made a start

We can make this a room full of memories
Everyday like a new day of Spring
There’ll be babies and cradles and nursery rhymes
And the fun and the laughter they’ll bring

The days they were joyful
The nights were on fire
And the wheel kept on turning
Bringing all they desired

Looking back in a room full of memories
Playing games and the children would sing
Parties laughter and days that would never end
Till the moment they gave her his ring

And now she is older
And times takes it toll
Her hair it is silver
Her hands they are cold

Sitting now in a room full of memories
Watching time ebb away on the wall
Fading faces and places and photographs
Holding on as life slows to a crawl

The room it seems empty
The room it is still
Her face is so  peaceful
Her life it is through

Just a shell in a room full of memories
As her soul flies away in the night
Just an echo of life on a Summer breeze
Free at last she flows into the light


If anybody has suggestions for tweaking all gratefully received

 ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN::

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