• Anyone want to have a go at this? Alligator Soup - lyric.
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Hi Everyone,

This one recently fell out of my noggin.

I'm hearing some smoky Cajun flavored deep south swamp water music.

   Alligator Soup

Verse 1:
I'm gonna make me
some alligator soup
that's what I'm gonna do
yes I am, yes I am
gonna add some okra
add some tomatoes
add some ham broth
gonna be good... goddamn

Up here in the city
I'm gonna sit here on the stoop
get my big spoon out
and eat my alligator soup.

Verse 2:
Cuz'n up from Flo'da
brought some gator tail
man, I was a droolin'
yes I was, yes I was,
I had all the fixin's
frozen in my fridge
I pulled them out so fast...
faster than a gator's jaws

Some people put in
lots of celery
man, that kind of eatin'
don't do a thing for me

Repeat Chorus:
I'm a lyricist seeking music writers to work with.

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Loving these lyrics........

I hope somebody with a bit of bayou in them will take a shot at them.

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Very entertaining @smajor!

I am far too 'English' for it myself, but hope you get a collaborator, as this promises to be fun!
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