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I took some work home - Do you want it?
« on: March 11, 2018, 07:23:33 »
I took some work home friends
Sheís an intern named Autumn
Sheís only twenty three years old
And sheís got a killer bottom

The intern sees through the system
Expects attention from jerks
Cooperate? Gets top results
Simple, this is how it works

The intern is very ambitious
She wants to be top of the bill
Sheís also very focussed
She smiles and goes for the kill

Radiantly bringing coffee
Offers me a generous view
Knows it doesnít go unnoticed
Iím the best coach so what is new

I happen to think itís risky
Autumn in my office on her knees
Lack of room in my Calvin Kleinís
If Iím caught my careerís on freeze

So Iíd rather do: her or my home
Or maybe my tiny house
Idyllically in the woods
Iíve got holes where used to be vows

7th of March, 2018

In the papers, are usually strips. And in these strips, things are said that go against the grain.
This is not a strip, but a song text that does the same.
If you can see the humor in it, claim the lyrics here publically. And put it to music within 4 weeks. And publish the song in the Kitchen. Then itís yours. You can do horrific things with it like the European song festival or whatever, because itís no longer mine. Itís yours and all I can do is to hope that it brings in some money.

Or fun. Or both.
Thereís a Dutch version too. It isnít identical, but it goes along the same lines more or less. The Dutch lyrics are mine and have been put to music already. So this is about the English version.
If it hasnít been claimed by the 15th of April 2018, Iíll put it to music myself.

Did I forget to tell something? Please let me know!
Kind regards, Gus
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