• Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)
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Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)
on: August 01, 2019, 05:02:27
Hi y'all,

This'll be my first time posting my lyrics here, so do let me know any rules or functions I should definitely keep in mind.

I just finished this one a few hours ago, and I hoped to get some thoughts around it in general. Any suggestions will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.  :) :)

Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)

Isn’t it strange
that people say
that all men are created equal?

Give me a break.
Look at my face.
Others used to say: “You look evil.”

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
why did you have to fall?
I know you can’t look away,
but why did you have to break?

Am I too bad for love?
Does my face turn people the other way?
A kind soul’s not enough
to make someone bewitched and stay. 

Should I be banned to love?
Do my eyes make others petrified?
I guess my heart is flushed
down the small rabbit hole to die.

Isn’t it strange
that people say
that we are all just so beautiful?

Give me a break.
Those words are fake.
I look like someone from The Crucible.

(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

Is it just me
or will no one feel
my love?

(Repeat Chorus, then Pre-Chorus)

Re: Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)
Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 13:43:33
Interesting lyrics....they definitely leave one thoughtful.

Consider this slight change in the chorus:

Should I be banned to (from) love?

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Re: Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)
Reply #2 on: August 06, 2019, 16:58:40
Hey @HappyDays  ... good concept in my opinion.
Some of the words might need changing as you set it to music. I'm trying to speak it in rhythm and stumbling a bit in places.
IDK about that "crucible" line.  ??? I'm not sure if people will get it. I don't, really.
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Re: Mirror, Mirror (Am I Too Bad For Love)
Reply #3 on: August 07, 2019, 13:13:43
@Bill from November Sound  - Thank you for pointing out the rhythm problem. Sometimes, I tend to forget about it or have it done in a messy way. I suppose that the Crucible line will have to be changed, referring to your reasoning.

PS: Definitely read the Crucible, it's wonderful literature! (it's originally a play, but I read the script version)

@Leonard Scaper - I hope you found it interesting in a good way  ;). And the small change is noted and it has been implemented!

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