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One Heart Whole
on: August 05, 2018, 22:41:42
This is a fairly recent write.  Feedback is always very welcome.   

It came out of contemplating monogamy / polygamy in a romantic relationship. 
I think the defining factor In any such relationship is the degree of trust whichever way is decided.

I've heard getting involved can be a bumpy ride.
The rewards are potentially great, the dangers can be fatal, at least to the spirit.

Perhaps it's not for the light-hearted. Generally I prefer to keep my dramas on stage.

The song is about finished. I'm not always entirely sure whether I like the song or not. 
Sometimes I really do, other times not so much.
I'll see how it fares in the course of time. 


one heart whole

       there's a warm breeze
     and many ways to survive
             take your worries
          and hang them out to dry
      hear me if I'm not mistaken
            forgive me all I know
                   many loves must be forsaken
                           to make just one heart whole
      to make just one heart whole

         your wily ways,
       all these secrets and lies
             should have no place
       in your heart or mine
   any thorn can be misleading
          and discolor the rose
                     left alone, distraught n' needy
                       leave me anything but broke

     to make this one heart whole

... drop all defense, discard pretense
       relinquish resistance, be still

      hear me If I'm am not mistaken
            forgive me all I know
                   many loves must be forsaken
                           to make just one heart whole

                         leave me anything but broke
                                  to make just one heart whole
                  there's a warm breeze and there are so many ways to


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