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Perforated nights
on: June 13, 2020, 19:51:31
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While losing my silly job and my old heart to a beautiful woman. I squeezed this one out. To be continued...

Perforated Nights

I just donít know,
what would I do?
if ever I lost the will to deliver
the very best to you
n I donít care,
 thatís what theyíll say
never one to follow the river
unless it runs my way
n itís all true
I only run, skip and jump for you

Itís okay, itís alright
bring on them perforated nights

house n garden,
a dirty doting wife
weíll  knuckle down when
    things get hard and
weíll live a tinfoil life
is that too much,
or not enough?
better men succumb to these ashes
to ashes, dust to dust
these ruins though hostile and barren,
they still belong to us

Itís okay, well alright
bring on them perforated nights
and in the heart of darkness
weíll be sure to see the light

Mixed sentiments but it makes perfect senses tooooo Me. Lol. 

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Re: Perforated nights
Reply #1 on: June 13, 2020, 22:58:43
Simply beautiful. ::thumb::
Such realistic and vividly written, carrying positive vibes and humor. Nice blend of sentiments, I like your interesting style of lyrics  :)

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