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the forest of blue
on: September 28, 2020, 13:18:58
So I got involved in a collaboration with a newish, delightful friend
She actually wrote the whole song

This isn't mine, still it's something I'm working on.
Feedback would be nice.

    the forest of blue

   a wildness inside her, calling for you,           
  come into my darkness, my forest of blue
 her hands so soft (so cold), reaching for you,
 touching y' deep in your soul, melting your blue
                     melting your blue

   you turn to catch a glimpse, to find a clue,
 who's making you feel so alive, in the forest of blue?
 you see her standing there, breathe in, one and  two,
her eyes are locked on yours, she says I do, will you?
                         y' know I want to

   be mine, take my hand
       to the edges of time,
   where we can be soooo blue

  they walk hand in hand, no light gets through,
    the leaves all gather 'round, a love so true.
 the trees all bend and bow, as they're subject to,
  this love so deep and alive, in the forest of blue
                      the forest of blue

     blue, blue
   the forest of blue


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