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on: September 29, 2020, 09:33:54
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Yesterday I stumbled across an old text called Toef.
An old Amsterdam word for Bush.
And that's how the English version is called. At first glimps it contains some strong language, but underneath it's very romantic.


'Je komt hier wel vaker hè?
'k had al naar je gezocht
ik zag je laatst ook al
in Amstelveen bij Van der Togt
ik heb al besteld rood wijntje
wit lijntje gewoon je vice'
Ik voelde me wat overdonderd
ik stamelde: nice

Je gezicht dichtbij het mijne
je haalt je vingers door mijn haar
je zegt als je wist wat ik wil doen
schat, ik zeg: zeg maar, hier of daar
in de regen langs de grachten
zoenend grijpend richting huis
en goddank heb jij geen katten
dus ik voel mij heerlijk thuis

J'Zegt 'ben benieuwd hoe je het vind schat
hou mijn tuin niet altijd bij
is die honger wederkerig
maakt mijn benedenbos je blij
ben benieuwd hoe je het vind schat
zie je mij en ga je los
is die honger wederkerig
kick j'op mijn benedenbos'

Mensen vinden mij een vreemde
gouden hart en grote bek
achteraf loop ik voorop en
juiste pluk op juiste plek
veertien jaren van de toef
'k zeg verzoeknummer kuch, kuch
met al die back to nature dingen
ik wil graag de tepels terug

Ontharen waxen harsen bleken
verven stiften niks voor mij
krullen stijlen glossen lijnen
't lekkerste vind ik toch jij

Na al die aalglad gewaxte gleufjes
heb ik een tegoedbon
schitterende schaduwplekjes
kronkelpaadjes tot de bron



‘You come here often, don't you?
But I wondered where you’ve been
I saw you the other day
In Museum Jan, in Amstelveen
have already ordered red wine
white line just your vice’
I felt a bit overwhelmed
I stammered: ‘nice’
Your face close to mine
you put your fingers through my hair
you say ‘if you knew what I want to do’
‘darling’, I say, ‘here or there’
in the rain along the canals
kissing grabbing on the way home
and thank God you don't have any cats
And no sign of Jerome

‘I'm curious to find out what you think, dear
don't always keep track of my garden
If that hunger is reciprocal
I’ll show you how things are done
Wondering if you really like it
you fancy me, I’ll give you my best
If that hunger is reciprocal
You’ll kick on my fierce forest’
People think I'm a bit quirky
golden heart and big mouth
In retrospect, I'm ahead of the game and
I reckon I love to travel south
fourteen years of the bush
I have a request, I’m not slack
with all those back to nature things
I would like to have the nipples back
Hair removal waxing bleaching
Lipstick blusher not for me
curling straightening styles gloss and lines
What I like best is you, you see?
After all those really smooth pussies
I have a voucher which I’ll use of course
gorgeous shady spots will lead me
winding paths to the source

W9 Jul 2014/28sep2020

Enjoy! And Tell it like it is.
Kind regards, Gus


Re: Toef/Bush
Reply #1 on: October 09, 2020, 04:18:06
I don't  know  @LePlongeur  ..... nobody wants to comment on these lyrics?

Is there a blushing emoji?  :nopompom:

Okay I'll comment my usual:

Oh my!
Songwriter, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer & Engineer for November Sound

November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

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Re: Toef/Bush
Reply #2 on: October 09, 2020, 07:01:31
The Kitchen never stops puzzling me.
Where ‘expensive habits’ is read over 1,300 times, toef is gettting about 80 reads. Perhaps I look for a kind of logic that simply isn’t there. But I am proud that one of those who came to read is you @Bill from November Sound

And I tried to warn you beforehand that the storyline is not the kind of thing you feel comfortable about, I think it’s still courageous that you read it anyway.

Thank you!
Kind regards, Gus