• Trying to come up with lyric ideas?
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Trying to come up with lyric ideas?
on: April 01, 2019, 06:41:30
After I finally figured out a good method for coming up with melodies, all my song ideas basically flew out of my head. I've only come up with one, about the needless degradation of Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts, basically asking, "Why would you do this to your classic stories? Clearly money isn't a motivation because the decisions are marketing suicide, and but it's not artistic integrity because you've betrayed what you've written before and introduced several unnecessary plotholes. Why are you so convinced this awful, lazy writing is the right direction to take your stories?" Because, I don't know, since Lucasfilm and JK Rowling are both doing it, it seems to be a running theme these days to introduce a revival of your franchise that has infinite promise, only to dash that promise to pieces for shock value. The problem is I can't come up with any lyrics that don't seem overly verbose or flow with rhyme and meter. I want a section of it to be packed with rhymes like a rap, but only that one section. The rest I want to just be a slower, typical acoustic song with a few clusters of multiple rhyme sprinkled in, like UNI by Ed Sheeran, but with a darker tone.

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