• Hey everyone, I'm new to this and my name is Alexander Maher!
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Whats up everyone!  ;D

My name is Alexander Maher and I'm a 22 year old songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. I have just moved to London and I was invited to join this website by "DutchBeat" through my Soundcloud profile.

A little bit about me and what I'm here to do:

I've just graduated from BIMM in Dublin, where I received a BA in "Commercial Modern Music & Songwriting". Throughout my four years in BIMM, I wrote songs for other artists and now I wish to continue my craft globally.

I've joined this forum so that I can network with other musicians and songwriters for possible collaborations and feedback.

My ambition is to become a professional songwriter/staff-writer, writing for other artists, with the aid of a music publishing deal.
I know that publishing deals can be very difficult to come by, but by networking and writing for as many people as possible, my chances are greater.
I really hope there are others on this forum who are here for the same reason as I am, so that way, we can start working together asap.

I've just set up my Soundcloud recently, but here's a link to my "Songwriting" Playlist: https://soundcloud.com/alexandermaher93/sets/songwriting-playlist

I write, perform and record all of the music on my songs, so give me a break if the standard isn't amazing. Hopefully networking with you guys could bring up the quality of my recordings.

Cant wait to start writing some hits with anyone who's interested!
Talk to you guys soon,

- Alexander Maher.

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Hi @alexandermaher93 , welcome to our kitchen and thanks a lot for introducing yourself! Impressing background man! I really believe we learn a lot by working together, and I did a lot of wonderful collaborations here. I hope you will as well, plenty enough fellow musicians on this forum, all with their own amazing style. Sometimes the quality and talent imo is even better than the commercial stuff. So grab a kitchen chair, look around, interact with us and become one of us. You won't regret, I'll promise you that. Can't listen to your soundcloud tracks (limited data, I'm on vacation) but I will asap, can't wait!
Cheers and hide...


I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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Hi Alexander, thanks for joining our forum and for your introduction. I hope you will like it here!

Let me start with awarding you your welcome karma points, so watch out........... ;D ;D ;D ;D

[/Incoming.....................Karma Points!!!!!b]
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Hello Alexander an welcome to the wonderful Kitchen full with music.Karma for finding the way and for introducing yourself.

Hi @alexandermaher93

I am also a @it must be me, Dutchbeat? recruit. I was listening to your music and enjoyed it. Sorry, I don't have the same ambitions, but I'm just winding down while your winding up. I do wish you much success and I'm sure you'll meet a lot of like minded souls.


Hey @alexandermaher93  :)

Welcome to the kitchen! You have a really interesting background – sounds great to study songwriting at university level! :) I truly wish you all the best to achieve your goal as a professional songwriter :)

I do songwriting as a hobby (as I actually graduated in the field of architecture and structural engineering), however, I’m sure that you’ll manage to find others on the forum with similar aims. This forum is a great place to collaborate, and to share honest feedback on songs and songwriting related topics. There are a lot of artists having various skills coming from different backgrounds from around the world who are all passionate about songwriting.

I’ve been listening to your songwriting playlist and I really like your style and the way you write. You’ve got some very nicely flowing songs which I could easily imagine competing with current commercial hit songs. (I particularly enjoyed – ‘You know it’)

Looking forward to hear more of your creations,
Rachel  ::Rachel::

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Thanks Vince and Rachel for the support.

I'm listening to both your profiles on Soundcloud. I've also started following you both.



Welcome Alex from a fellow Dub!

Great intro - wish you every success in your songwriting career. Look forward to checking out your songs!! BIMM? Lucky you - I hear it is a wonderful experience :-).

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