• I'm new here and thrilled (36 Indie-folk songwriter from Italy/France)
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Hello folks and friends,

I'm thrilled to have found a great way to waste my time doing good things ie. be part of this community
:) Irony on.

I was born in the italian alps, in a small region called South Tyrol 36 years ago. 
Since i'm 14 i play guitar, I actually received my first when i was 10 and it was like a dream walking in the kitchen on a Sunday morning and having my father reaching me the guitar. My father was also musician and played guitar, sax, piano.

I have done some formal (boring) studies and thereof been embarking on self-taught solo writing & some producing.
I like all sorts of music this days mainly listening to classical to 'wind off'...

Currently living in southern France near the sea, i have travelled and lived as an expat in Thailand, New Zealand & Australia, India, Mexico and pretty much all of Europe. I am still somehow nomad (with preference to small quaint villages over urban lifestyle).

I earn my income as a online entrepreneur and do not depend on music (lucky i would make few bucks lol)
The reason i'm here is because i want to share my energy and be surrounded by a community with interesting folks coming from different walk of life.

For me its imperative to hang around people and be inspired, learn NEW things and improve so.

End of February i will co-producing my first series of songs ( i did some recording, 3-4 songs) and launch an album.
I have no idea if the whole thing will be done in marketing style as i am mainly focusing on the composition right now.
My goal would be to gain presence online with youtube videos, facebook, soundcloud etc.etc.
A few appearances too would be cool, though i'm not sure which place i could have my music fit in events :)

Sending you warm greetings while my pasta sauce is cooking and i'm soon off to lunch :))

Oh forgot to mention my music on bandcamp:

Excellent intro @aivanb !!!

This really is the best place around to surround yourself with like-minded songwriters who love to share and play together.
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Thanks a lot LEONARD! :)
amazing what internet can provide.
This is the real social media I longed and crave :)))
Greetings back to you :)

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Ahhhhhh......, I see youve found your way.
Well done. @aivanb

And welcome again!
Kind regards,  Gus

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Hi @aivanb , welcome to the kitchen, very nice you joined us!

Grab a kitchen chair and make yourself at home  :) :) :) :)

me, myself, and Pie

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Welcome!!! ::e-guitar3::

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Thanks everyone! :)
I actually just cooked pasta with good tomatoe sauce (hint: placed some harissa to spice it up).


I'm not teasing to gain friends, just few days i was in a bar and the folks told me about a way of co-producing online...
today by coincidence i found it!
Looking forward to meaningful encounters ;))
ps. Dutchbeat i'm sitting in a chair in my small kitchen right now haha :)

I actually just cooked pasta with good tomatoe sauce (hint: placed some harissa to spice it up).


I made a huge batch of tomato sauce last weekend and I always spice it up with a bit of red pepper sauce. I also put a healthy amount of unsweetened chocolate in it......that unique combination leaves people wondering what that tantalizing flavor is.


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Thanks that's a great recipe i must try!

In Mexico they add chocolate to almost anything, chocolate mole has tomato sauce and loads of chilli, which you then eat with chicken or tofu.

Cheers to tantalising the taste buds with healthy spices)

Welcome @aivanb !   :)   You are most definitely in the right place!
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A warm welcome to the kitchen @aivanb , and thanks for that impressive introduction! Im going to listen to your music now... ::headphone::

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Hi @aivanb , thanks for your extensive introduction, wow you lived everywhere! Listening to 'What is ours' on your Bandcamp page, nice work!
Welcome to this community, there's a lot of brilliant, creative and beautiful people in our kitchen!
Feel free to share your work, and make sure to give the work of our members a listen (and a comment) as well!
Cheers, have fun here!!
I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

BIG WELCOME to our cozy little Kitchen @aivanb  :) It's a warm and friendly place to share your creations and listen to others  ::Suzy::

Merry Christmas

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Welcome @aivanb, wherever you wander there is always a place for you here in our universal kitchen :-)
"Love and Life is all about connections"

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