• American, korean and japanese pop culture
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American, korean and japanese pop culture
on: September 23, 2021, 12:32:11
I search podcasts, documentaries, books, websites, forums, youtubers… who talk about Japanese, american or japanese pop cultures and subculture, ones who are very descriptive and technical but still pedagogue.
Who list each years the most influencial, event, fashion trend, art movement, music video, speech
Ones who explain why and how these thing exist, why they become so important in their respective culture, from what social and economical climate they come from?

Example of american pop culture:

Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, american astronauts, cowboys, Broadway, Walt Disney, Dolly Parton, Elvis and Pricilla Presley, 1950s waitresses with their roller skates, WW2 nurses, american cartoons and superhero comics, disco, Rosie the riverter, uncle Sam, Dr. Seuss, Seattle grunge, football , McDonald's.....

Ones who are really loaded with information.

( Sorry for my bad English)

Do you have any recommendation ?

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Re: American, korean and japanese pop culture
Reply #1 on: October 05, 2021, 23:45:26
interesting broad question @coeurdedemon  - can you explain to our forum a connection with songwriting?  :praise: :pompom:
Your examples of American popculture are intruiging. Had to look up "Rosie the riverter" -I see it is a cultural WWII icon.
When you ask about youtubers who had something to say about Japanese (avantgarde) popculture, I think about Momus. e.g.

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