• Autumn is upon us
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Autumn is upon us
on: October 15, 2020, 14:13:00
I'm have a very wordy time at present with words initiating a creative musical explosion in my old noggin' (slang for head - not sure it's universal)

Anyway, in December 2018, I did an orchestral piece about Winter with some words acting as the inspiration for it. Well Autumn is now on it's way and these are the words that will go with it with the following words for Winter for reference.


The majesty of Summer has now faded. Leaves, once so green, now a myriad of fading colours as Mother Nature withdraws her life-giving hand.

The weather is changing too. Strong winds and blustery days jostle with times of calm reflection, as you take a little wander through the woods.

The squirrels are busy, as are the birds, as some prepare for darker times whilst others set forth on their migrant flights.

For nature knows, whilst man often forgets, that change is in the air.

P Goodrich - Oct 2020

I also have a basic mock-up un-mixed idea for what I call the 'walk in the woods' section with the fading grandeur of Autumn before moving into a chilly storm section that conveniently is in the same key as the following track Winter. The storm section will feature swirling strings and brass to hopefully denote more stormy weather ... before dying down into  hopefully a colder October / November feeling.




Winter from 2018 ...


As you travel deep into the heart of Winter, life slowly withdraws for a time. Not defeated, just resting for a while. New life will be reborn as the nights get shorter after the solstice.

But for now, you walk out into it's heart and reflect on the austere beauty this season brings. Water frozen over and castles made of ice. A fellow traveller hunched against the cold nods as you walk by.

The magic of Christmas quickly fades into the chill of the New Year. A time of renewal and vows of friendship and peace.

Nature is holding it's breath, ready to be be reborn with the light of the sun.

P Goodrich - Dec 2018
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Re: Autumn is upon us
Reply #1 on: October 16, 2020, 14:01:46
I think itís fantastic.
It would not have been out of place in Ďlyricsí, since spoken word is a very original and potent way to express yourself.

And I remember your winter theme.
I hope you wonít keep me/us waiting for spring.

And I really hope you get a lot of compliments for this one.

Great piece to come from your nogginí. Didnít know that word so iím Grateful for the explanation.
Kind regards, Gus

Re: Autumn is upon us
Reply #2 on: October 18, 2020, 19:44:31
@MrBouzouki - those words are so beautifully written and depict a brilliant description of the season. In my part of the world we don't have squirrels and woods and leaves changing colour (they mostly remain evergreen) so consider yourself lucky that you get to experience such a true Autumn! :) I enjoyed your selection of imagery and words throughout, and I particularly like your last line:

"For nature knows, whilst man often forgets, that change is in the air."

Re. Music it is sounding magnificent! :) You are greatly talented! I look forward to listening to the full piece!! :)
Rachel  ::Rachel::


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