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Earth and Sky
on: December 01, 2019, 19:47:41
I made this video last night in about an hour, from a GarageBand sketch I did last week, using Synth One and one Cello Track from GarageBand Instruments.

Made a slide show in IMovie from various IPhone photos taken in my front yard and the park across the street . (the neighborhood has a history of Alien encounters and UFO sightings… Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station is nearby… just sayin’’)

Enjoy!  8)

Re: Earth and Sky
Reply #1 on: December 02, 2019, 01:32:14
I really like your work @1roomstudio . I'm glad you posted it here. I know you don't upload on YouTube weekly so feel free to PM me here or on Twitter when ever you put up something new! I don't want to miss anything.  :)
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Re: Earth and Sky
Reply #2 on: December 02, 2019, 10:49:19
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There is a danger that i will be misinterpreted but i although will dare to comment.  :)

To me the idea of merging vids/ films with acoustic aspects or music is absolutley interesting and a highly exciting  process or challenge. It offers a wide range of opportunities.
Its between doing a learned craft  like  a craft  men fitting  a frame for a painting at one hand and other hand  could turn out creating a very  new third aspect by merging two single aspects. If someone would ask me i would prefer last.

From my point of view,  and Im very sure its very different - maybe opposite from your view,  it's that I like it very much you showed the sensitivity for our nature that s just sourounds you every day,  means you awared the simple beauty of the shamrock and Sedum plants on the ground, you realized the glory of the painted sky and show interest for the awesome architecture and colorizing oft the amazing structure of the bark as well you aware  there is something special with the 'circle of witch'  ( so called here) that the mushrooms build in the lawn.
Beautiful!  :loveit:
Ok, then you did this sound beside and i admit i have problems to adapt it with the former 'painting'. Yeah, gladly you did a discription in the header so i know, what you want go for and yes the sound itself hits that topic you mentioned perfectly.  :thumbsup:

But atlhough if you tried to do a bridge with changing the coloros in the vid and point to the mushroom hats that maybe could do a bridge to the shape of an imagined star ship. the step that you tried here is too big  ( for the audience)  thats why it doesn't create that  third new aspect naturally.  It stayed as devided  two single aspects as the heading title mentioned. Spoken from my subjectiv view of course. As long a discription is needed to explain an piece of art to an audience always it is a bit difficult, I think.  But in a whole the idea is great   :D  and for sure it could be a very new and exciting  field for creative minds that want me see more of it. So let see more   ;)

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