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Poems as brainstorming tools
on: November 15, 2016, 14:25:09
Hi :)

This is a poem which I wrote during the brainstorming session that Michael and I had before we came up with the complete lyrics for the ‘Love Struck’ duet (https://soundcloud.com/michaelheider/love-struck). @Michael  had suggested that I'd put the poem up on this Other Arts board and  I thought it would be interesting to share it with you to get your views on it and to share with you another part of our process of creation of the song (sort of a behind the scenes extra :) ).

Some background info: Michael had already written the first 3 lines of the song (the ones you can now see at the intro and at the second verse of the Bridge) and had a set theme in mind. This poem was meant for ‘discussion purposes’ and I started writing down randomly what came to mind inspired by the theme of our story. This poem is quite serious, dramatic and tragic (imagine dramatic tragedy on the lines of Romeo and Juliet). In the actual final lyrics of the song we wanted a dramatic feel which is closer to the ‘lighter’ side of the spectrum rather than the ‘heavier / creepy’ side – and that is why we introduced the two voices narrating the same story in two contrasting ways throughout the song – ‘the positive’ and the ‘negative’. And it was really interesting to then have those overlapping lines throughout the song – the points where both their worlds meet and which give a hint of a more tragic ending.

…Here is the poem:

Every time that she saw him near
Heart was pounding - thoughts disappeared
Swept away from reality
She was sure it was meant to be

Every time that he saw her there
Blinding lights lit up everywhere
Had his mind spin haphazardly
He was sure it was meant to be


Long sun swept days
Blinded in each other’s gaze
A hundred moons lit up their path
Dazzled by on looking stars

They flew with time up to the day
When wedding bells guided their way
The perfect moment – sealed by the kiss
Meant to forecast eternal bliss


Hearts beat fast as light blinds their way
And a sea of happiness blows their sail
Shimmers of hope glide over them both
As the world seems to stop
Watching their smiles evolve

But winters approach even faster than spring
As the air gets a tinge of what’s out of their league
I look into your eyes – nothing is as it seemed
Encapsulated in clouds is a mystery of tears

Heart beats fast as blizzards approach
In the dead of the night there’s a darkening toll
Fading lights floating on the water’s edge
A sea of arrows pointing everywhere


And you blew me away
Like the strong winds of May
As emotions got even farther away

I revoke the day
When the sun set on us
When my world was your world
And when life was a must

Will you leap to the edge
And survive to the end?
What does love even mean
When all mystery’s forseen?

And you left from my side
But that was not enough
I could hear the dark paces
Of what you termed as love

Let me listen to words
Let me pray that I’m found
Let the rain wash away
All that once was pronounced


Michael's lines:
...I didn't mean to hurt you (I was going for the kill)
I never thought I'd need you (to be standing really still)
I hate to say I've missed you (I was aiming slightly high)....


Let the edge of the moon
Spill its light to my sill
As I glimpse your reflection
- you are still laying still

As the sirens approach
My feet reach to the stairs
I look back to the room
But you are no longer there

A cold hand meets my hand
As our clutch reconciles
But my legs lose their strength
And my vision goes wild

I can hear your voice
As you shout from above
And the door’s now ajar
But you’ve come tumbling down

I can glimpse your last smile
As I look in your eyes
And I bid you good bye
For the very last time
Rachel  ::Rachel::