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Title: A Poetical Tale
Post by: Dogmax on November 10, 2013, 21:09:19
Hello Everyone

This poetical tale i wrote is about a dream journey and on that journey i met a old man,
he talked i listen but be warn, it's long    8)



Last night as I rest in my sleep

Through a dream I felt sand beneath my feet

In the distance stands a great throne made of ancient oak

Seated is a grey hair old Man

His feature where strong but his face was drawn

In serious thought of what I know not yet

Slowly I approach kneeling to rest

Beneath a look from eyes that where old but wise

He greets me with a mournful smile

In cloth he is draped of the finest design

In hope I wait to hear his mind speak words I feel

Of troublesome time

?This land?  he says in a growl tone that rise the spirit of my soul

?Was once own by one who cared who loved who cherish it all

Then from his life there born children equal in their race

And this land where he once roam became home for his own human race

But as their time roll on grown up divided they became

Refusing to share spoiled to the core delusion as they greed for more

For the one who give had long since gone for he could no longer call

The land where he once roam his home

As their decades pass and centuries they became

His people mourn in hope that he would some day return

But in their human greed they fail to see

That this is now their home all the land and seas

Then soon their greed turn to hate for all living things

Even their neighbours even their friends

And the one who give just sits and waits

As in disgust he watch his own human race

Destruction and carnage became their daily routine

His people versus people how their blood runs free

And as for their children how he grieve for these

For they are been taught by what they hear and see

And soon they shall inherit what they will receive?

The grey hair old Man in his throne he sinks as his eyes stares he pause to think

His face I study how powerful he seem and then suddenly again he speaks

?In a world of plenty they had it all yet he still hears their sadden calls

Finally he decide they do deserve one more chance to see that he cares

So answering their call is the one he choose

With his gift of life their saviour he becomes

But in a world divide he dearly tries to teach their mind the fate of life

But only those who seek his words they greet as many more where undecide

And for some their evil reach new high?

The grey hair old Man his face crease in a harsh tone I hear these words he speaks

?They spit they stone they mocked his name

Even those who believe just hung their heads in shame

And for many the proved was in his deeds but still they refuse to believe

On trial he stands like a common thief convicted even before his judges meets

They tease him whip him call him a king a king of people covered in sin

Then on his head they place a crown to show their appreciation a crown of thorns

A cross they carve was their ultimate treat

And many watch as he drag it along the streets

Finally on their cross they lay him down  ?crucify?  was his judges call

So they hung him by nails through his hands and feet like a animal and still they mourn

Their saviour he sent to answer their call

But in horror he watch waiting for word that would put this human race to a end

Words that this brave Man refuse to send?

The grey hair old Man bowed his head to my feet I rise and his hands I felt

With looks of sorrow he rise his head in gentle tone these words he said

?From their cross hung his flesh like a piece of meat

Without life his soul in thy kingdom we greet

With open arms I comfort him for their saviour is my son

I give them life this human race yet they betray their only fate

Now again I grieve but not for them but for my son

Who wish to return to a world which is dying

From their own Human waste?

As I rest in my sleep to a new dawn I wake in a world that I love to begin a new day

Sad thoughts of a dream which happen long ago

My hopes for a future when our troubles will be no more

But my feeling are for one who his race betrayed

But that was in the past I hear many say

Yes our lives has improved greatly since then

But I do wish in hope that his son shall remain

In his Father kingdom where he shall be safe

Why? Look around - we are still the same HUMAN RACE

Or are We  ---  Fact or Fiction

?    Pat Feely
Title: Re: A Poetical Tale
Post by: Wicked Deeds on November 10, 2013, 22:26:33
Hi Pat,

I enjoyed reading your work which, was very powerful and thought provoking.

Thanks for sharing!  :)
Title: Re: A Poetical Tale
Post by: Dogmax on November 10, 2013, 23:00:26
Thanks Paul

I'm not a religious person and the reason why is because i always believe they lie to us, what i mean is they wanted to control us but what they didn't realize was, we fight back, our minds can not be control by lies any more and neither
can theirs, but some people in our world still need them, maybe that's the reason why i wrote this.

Thanks again Paul   8)