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Title: Collaboration
Post by: Mar T. on May 21, 2016, 01:03:09
Hi all,

Just a quick reminder for those who are willing to share their collaborations (process and sounds): we have a collaboration thread since last year. That means (if you share the sounds early in the process) you can get guidance and feedback from the kitcheners while you progress!
To me that has been a perfect experience... If you like this idea as well I'd like to encourage you all who are working on a collab to post the intermediate results so we can all follow and help! No need to be shy (you can use private links on SoundCloud and share them here), we are the good friendly people!  ;) ;)

Title: Re: Collaboration
Post by: Mar T. on May 31, 2016, 02:43:33
Hi all, this was for your information, but it contains a hidden question as well. We saw some great collaboration threads where the collaborators received excellent help from the kitchen's listeners and shared every detail in return so everybody was able to learn from the collaboration.
The hidden question is: do we like to share/follow collaborations this way or do we prefer to keep them more private (by mailing or PM-ing each other (which gets exponentially more complex when there's running up more than 2 collaborators))?
One of the cons/downsides of publicly shared collabs would be that every iteration/reply can bury single post 'songs for review' in the 'recent posts' block in the bottom of the forum index page because every single reply to every collab adds up. Since I like to share my process of developing a song to all of you, that sometimes prevents me to reply too much to the collaboration/development thread running because I don't want to take away attention to great new 'songs for review', if you understand what I mean.
But of course we can investigate if I can alter the forum software to hide all replies to a collaboration and only show 1 entry a day for each collab in 'recent posts'.
The big advantage of sharing collabs/song development in detail is sharing knowledge (what have we learned) with the community and enable-ing the community to help in the development, which will lead to more songs that are praised by the kitcheners, because it feels like something we've done 'together'. Which will feed the community feel and lead to more interaction, which is an upward spiral imo..
Please share your thoughts and feelings about this subject fellows... Or am I really alone on this one? ;-)  ::) ::)


Title: Re: Collaboration
Post by: Dutchbeat on May 31, 2016, 16:06:41
no Marti, you are not alone on this..... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  :-* :-* :-* :-*
I also like to be able to put several work in progress versions on the forum, because after spending a day or two with a song i sort of get deaf for it (i know, some will say i am completely deaf all the time anyway  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D), and putting a collaboration as a work of progress on the forum can give new input from others, that the collaborators can consider.

It is like when you place a unfinished track on this kitchen forum, you can listen to it with some more distance yourself.....(i don't know how that makes sense, but it feels that way)

I think one listens differently, as soon as someone outside gives his or her first ideas and impressions about a track

and i also enjoy reading and following threads in which a song gradually comes into existance from it's conception you and Jambrains (and others) give us insights in how a song recipe is prepared in your kitchenstudios, starting with the first basic ingredients..... and all the way to spicing and mixing it up...........including the most intimate and detailed mixing tips.... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

but i think it is up everybody to decide in which stage they want to post their songs, but i like these updates about what is going on behind the scenes songwritingwise....
Title: Re: Collaboration
Post by: Mark Luto on June 01, 2016, 00:36:25
These are interesting thoughts. I've tried both and I must say that I really like to share the progress and the discussion about it in the open forum. It can be incredibly helpful and motivating to get feedback from "outsiders" in all stages of the development of a song. On the other hand the process of creating a song together with somebody can be kind of a personal and "intimate" matter that you don't want to share with too many people. But since all you guys in the kitchen are incredibly nice there's nothing to worry about usually... ;)

Title: Re: Collaboration
Post by: Rachel_D on June 03, 2016, 17:21:50

I agree that making collab threads public are a great plus in this forum. In fact I think itís my favourite aspect of the kitchen. Itís what really struck me and what I really admired about this Kitchen when I was invited here a few months back (I could feel your passion towards the process of Ďcreatingí). Itís very insightful and motivating to be able to follow otherís creative processes and is a good learning experience for both the collaborators and the other kitchen users (be it if they just view and listen / or choose to take a more active role in giving in their input.)

Itís true that such collab-threads tend to generate loads of posts on the Ďrecent post boardí, however, I donít think thatís a good reason why this should hold back the development and input given in public threads. And I agree with MM that if a possibility exists to alter the forum software it would help address this issue and no one will have to feel that he/she is excessively crowding the Recents posts :)
Title: Re: Collaboration
Post by: iiviivix on August 05, 2017, 13:05:26
It is like when you place a unfinished track on this kitchen forum, you can listen to it with some more distance yourself.

I completely agree, last year I started posting unfinished tracks onto, people started liking them, and when I listened I was listening with a more critical ear, like it was the first time I had heard the track because I was looking from an outsiders perspective =) It allows me to see the parts which I should fix without anyone even saying anything about it

Hey I have a small question for anyone that can field it, maybe not the right thread but I couldn't search this forum for some reason it didn't let me: My question is, What are Karma points? how are they used?