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Title: Live acoustic set from last night
Post by: realkevm on July 03, 2019, 11:43:52
Hi, here's a live set I played last night in Hull, UK. If anyone would please like to have a skip through and offer me any positives or negatives i'd really appreciate it )

Oh and if you subscribe to my Youtube i'll be sure to subscribe back :)
Title: Re: Live acoustic set from last night
Post by: Leonard Scaper on July 03, 2019, 16:18:54
I am watching and listening with an earbud in here in my office.

That transition from the first to the second song is a good take the energy down nicely. I like that little instrumental part in this song.

Your stage presence just keeps getting better and better the more you perform. The way you move around between verses has become a part of your persona up there and it looks very natural now.

The third song comes in nicely as well, continuing with a bit of a softer delivery, and with the next song I can feel you start to pick up the energy nicely.  I like this tune. (#4) bring things down again in the middle there before really starting to ramp it up to the end.

Fifth tune....very emotive performance with softer strumming that, once again, builds nicely before dropping back to a softer style......great performance dynamics here.

#6 starts very delicately, really letting your vocals have the stage.....that really works at this point in the set. I love how you change gears at the end of this tune and radically change the intensity just before the finish.

This last tune wraps things up nicely, I a steady driving kind of performance to take things out.

You have taken complete ownership of your style. One thing that I have always noticed, style-wise, is that you tend to drop a partial beat from phrase to phrase. For me, that has become a part of who you are.....but I wonder what would happen if you spent some time playing to a steady click or a metronome. It would be a radical change that could be good or bad.
Title: Re: Live acoustic set from last night
Post by: realkevm on July 04, 2019, 10:51:25
Wow, thank you for taking the time to have a listen and write some detailed feedback it's really helpful.
I do think i've got my set right now in terms of pacing and song placement though for future gigs I tihnk i'm going to have to add a couple more to lengthen the set to the thirty minute mark. I was especially confident here (i'd had two pints of Guinness lol) I think that has come with my vocals improving and having faith in the quality of my songs. I think this was the first time i've played live without making a single mistake on the guitar.

I've bought a stomp pedal (it's on the way) to bring out with me when playing live so i'm hoping that will help keep me in time and also add a fuller sound.

Thank you once again for the insight it really is appreciated.