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Title: Kick Yer Shoes Off
Post by: Timothy Smith on March 06, 2020, 18:42:13

I entered a contest over on a composition site. The contest wants music with the theme of dance. I didn't read the fine print. The entries needed to be only 2 minutes in length but could be about any kind of dance.

I personally don't dance very well which is probably because I hate it. I would rather play dance music.

Two things caused me to pick jazz over another genre. A. I am recently playing jazz on piano and B. I figured jazz would be something no one else would think to do and I wanted my entry to be different.

Improvisation playing on all but the drums. They say jazz stinks. A way of saying the chords are just weird and feel funny. Takes some acclimation to appreciate it. I don't expect anyone else here to  dig this. It was fun to write and play it and actually has me listening to more smooth jazz. If you like jazz you might like this :)
Title: Re: Kick Yer Shoes Off
Post by: Leonard Scaper on March 06, 2020, 23:10:17
Well I like it. It has a cool natural way of moving with lots of interesting sidebars that keep coming back around. I was tapping my toes all the way through.
Title: Re: Kick Yer Shoes Off
Post by: Michael on March 07, 2020, 21:47:48
The bass line is fantastic! Totally agree with Leonard - it's hard to sit still and not tap your foot while listening to this song, and for me it's definitely the bass doing that ;-)
This is all improvised? That is very impressive, I think.  :o

I noticed that each instrument is very easy to make out and place in the room. It seems like a fairly busy arrangement and you managed to keep everything clear and none of the instruments are stepping on each other, nicely done.
The only thing I found a bit distracting was the trumpet (I think?), starting at 0:29, I personally would prefer that one to be just a bit less loud.

I don't know a thing about jazz, so I can't really comment much on the song structure or anything like that, other than that I like the choice of instruments.
Title: Re: Kick Yer Shoes Off
Post by: Rachel_D on March 09, 2020, 00:09:45
Hi @Timothy Smith  ,

I truly enjoyed listening to your track :D It perfectly evokes and embraces the theme of dance! I can appreciate the sound and how the different instruments come together. I perfectly agree with @Michael with regards to his remark on the manner by which you managed to control the instruments and achieve a “busy arrangement” without making it sound chaotic. I like how the track starts, the playful keys in the foreground and background and the ‘ohs’ and ‘heys’. For me the trumpets at 1:55 felt just a tiny bit harsh in texture/volume but I loved the way they bring out interest and contrast close to the end. And also – great choice of title! In conclusion – a very cool, energising, bubbly and enticing result, well done! :D :D

I look forward to listening to more of your creations! :)
Title: Re: Kick Yer Shoes Off
Post by: Timothy Smith on March 09, 2020, 02:18:15
@Leonard Scraper, Many thanks for listening and for comments.

@Michael, Thank you for comments here and such a complete analysis. The bass is the Rickenacker in Native Instruments Komplete package. I have a real bass though. The trumpet is from the Cuban collection from  that same package. They were played in improvised with no editing but I was playing the bass and trumpet using those sounds on the keyboard. There are two pianos. One is a Sampletank 4 piano which I really love and the other is from the Amadeus library. These were played in real time. I chose to use different pianos to make it sound more unique. The OOhs and AHHS are Sampletank vocal sounds.
Jazz chords are really just extensions added to typical triads sometimes played in mixed fashion. A very good musician t0ld me that jazz is primarily rhythmic. This surprised me because I mostly seen it as being about the chord structures.

@Rachel_D, Thank you for your comments here. Thank you both for the comments on the trumpet. I did my best to give space to the mix so it is a relief that you heard an open mix. Thanks for that comment. I look forward to hearing your songs as well.

Though I have written lyrics I seem to generally be more of an instrumentalist on my original material. I am a vocalist as well but usually only on prewritten material. I say "usually" because I can write lyrics but I need a push to do it. I am not an extremely talkative person in real life so I guess that carries over to the music as well. I DO realize that this is a song forum so I guess I had better get to it on a song with lyrics.