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Title: Tolo - "Father to Son"
Post by: Tolo on September 27, 2020, 19:22:56
Evening folks - hope all well in the world with you - as much as can be...

All of my work is close to my heart and every tune is personal - this one especially so. I wrote this in celebration of my youngest son - now 4 - an amazing gift and blessing to me (us). It contains some of the advice I hope that one day he listens to, to help guide him through his own journey and his own story to come. Who knows what it is to bring - but here I capture him in the first minutes of his life... yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery... It is also the same time I lost my own father - so a double meaning. The world gives...and it takes. 

Its another longish one I am afraid - but also a little different to my other offerings - with more of a jazz / prog undertone...

As always - feedback always respectfully received. 

Stay well,

Title: Re: Tolo - "Father to Son"
Post by: oorlab on September 28, 2020, 19:11:31
Hi @Tolo  - condeoleances with the los of your father.
I opened the link without restrictio, I will listen asap.
Did you or do you intend to publish teh lyrics on our forum?