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Title: The weird world we now live in
Post by: MrBouzouki on January 11, 2021, 22:59:34
I noticed two juxtaposed headlines in a UK newspaper just now that really sum up the weird world we now live in

Especially for UK and Dutch members :-)

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Title: Re: The weird world we now live in
Post by: oorlab on January 11, 2021, 23:20:35
that's odd news - nothing about that in Dutch Media...
That's not to say we don't live in a weird world though - but the news seems weirder than the world.
Title: Re: The weird world we now live in
Post by: LePlongeur on January 12, 2021, 07:18:43
As an almost life long veggie, I know very little about ham sandwiches. And fully intend to keep it that way.

The other snippet is correct. It was even broadcasted on the 8 o’clock news.
Amsterdam under non corona circumstances, was flooded by young people who’s aim was to try and get as drunk or stoned as possible. In as short time as possible.
And to shag as many people in the red light district as possible too.

Now that the Amsterdam people got their city back due to the lock down, they’ve gotten a glimpse of how wonderful our global village Amsterdam really is.

And the Amsterdam Mayor is keen to restore the balance. Tourism is definitely OK, as long as we have the normal space needed to live a pleasant life in our city.

Barcelona experiences the same problem.

On some days the amount of people (inhabitants and tourists) double the normal amounts of people. Imagine that there are 900.000 people who actually live there, while on some days there are 900.000 tourists too.

The intended measures will not work as they will come anyway. And only a small portion will visit the musea.

Freedom has its limits.
It’s less strange that you’d think, I think. @MrBouzouki
Kind regards, Gus
Title: Re: The weird world we now live in
Post by: Curtwood Bearsman on January 27, 2021, 14:00:25
I mean, ham sandwiches are pretty great lol strange times we are living in for sure. I have not had the fortune of visiting Amsterdam myself, as @LePlongeur mentioned, they're able to see their home without tourism which is quite interesting. Lockdowns having some unique effects.. here in Canada I have never seen so many ice fishing shacks on the lake during the winter, it's like a small city of fisherman now that us snow birds can't go anywhere warm for winter lol.

Title: Re: The weird world we now live in
Post by: Vince on January 27, 2021, 15:33:03
I went to my go to source of news, the internet, and the ham sandwich is true enough, It has to do with Brexit and bringing food into Europe.  Your not allowed to bring meat into the USA also , and God forbid the drug dog barks at a sausage (or ham sandwich) you might have in your luggage as your going through customs.

Pot is legal in a few States now, but there are no places to smoke it except at home. If your going from one State that allows the sell to another State that doesn't and you "forget" you have some - your in big trouble or so I've read, if you get caught. I've read it's also taxed so high that people still go to their connection because  it's less expensive.

A lot of American cities are hurting for the tourist money, Between the Covid and crime though, I can't think of one I would visit. I'm sure your city is probably conflicted @LePlongeur  between the tourist $$ and the trouble and congestion they bring.