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Title: tips for video tricks
Post by: Dutchbeat on December 07, 2014, 20:39:24
I was trying to get some inspiration for making filmclips for videos
i bought a new camera some weeks ago now, finally a camera with acceptable quality, but to be honest...i haven't used it really yet
looking for inspiration for coming up with an original idea for video tricks (if you have some please share them)

so i went back to youtubing (i never claimed i have a life  ;D ;D ;D ;D) and found this guy which seem to do some pretty hard to understand (mainly stop motion) things with a low budget..well, some of it is difficult to get your head around right away (

but i still no idea for an original video...(i am also thinking about this for my pass the dutchy, the draw, video, i do have the costumes and stage setting figured out  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D)

so to those who lmake new or edit existing film clips for hime made music videos, i hope you want to share some simple (i mean do-able) ideas for getting really weird effects