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Songs for review / Re: Forgot My Shoes
« Last post by DMsoundz on Today at 07:51:07 »
have no idea why the link appears where it does, but please still listen?
Songs for review / Forgot My Shoes
« Last post by DMsoundz on Today at 07:49:03 »
It can't get any louder
When you're here
So take your friends and your powder
And just make them disappear
Where you going when you're talking like that?
Somewhere and Anywhere are not the same tracks

Did he mean it? Did he mean it?
Well I'm supposed to be pretty sure
Nevermind, Nevermind
The words are getting all mixed up
Was like everyone was saying, everyone was saying

Can we go back? Can we go back?
I think I forgot my shoes
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter
Whos' got what to lose?
Songwriting Ingredients / Re: How I write songs
« Last post by LePlongeur on Today at 07:14:04 »
Nice thread @NoiseAlter . Thanks!
My way of writing is as follows:

-   Away from home, I write chorusses. These are the back bone of songs in our song tradition (I have my loose leaved book with me whereever I go)
-   At home, or away from home, while waiting for somthing or other, I write lyrics
-   At home, everyday I am at home that is, I write a song

The less I think about it, the better the results. The process is called automatic writing or writing in a stream of consciousness.
Some people are afraid of that, because Freud said it would reveil certain layers of things. But Freud said more things (specially about my lady friends) that's pure crap. So why would he be right about this? He isn't I think.

Being in love or do sports activates the body to do chemical things to the brain. Making misic (or writing in my case) is no exception. That is why I write all my music at 6 PM. My brain knows that happy hormones are on their way, so all the doors are open to enjoy the influx.

It makes me very happy and productive. And I wish the same to you.
Why not give it a try?
Kind regards, Gus
Songwriting Ingredients / Re: Music Theory : The Circle Of Fifths
« Last post by reidmoto on Today at 04:12:17 »
@Jim where can I find "Dolcelatte?"
Songwriting Ingredients / Re: Music Theory : The Circle Of Fifths
« Last post by reidmoto on Today at 04:03:27 »
@Bill from November Sound I hear you, and I think this is one of the coolest threads in the Kitchen,
because it is about techniques I can actually use to improve my songs, and you and @Jim are such
ninjas with theory, and willing to share.

But it is crickets in here LOL!

Thanks @Leonard Scaper , I knew I could count on you.  :)
No pressure on matching the music to get the point across, eh? I'm not sure if I can do it. Ha,ha ... the track I'm currently making uses synth sounds with names such as: "postcard from hell" , etc.... so, yeah it's kind of creepy.

I'm combining a lot of ideas into this concept/story. One of which is that Melissa grew up in a haunted house and there are stories that she tells people ... and then some that she doesn't......
Hi @reidmoto . Thanks! I'm just fooling around a bit. @Jim and I like to write about music theory.  :) Usually nobody else does.  :) :D
I'm certain that I've read this. I believe it is the forward part of a book that contains numerous excercises regarding the use of those harmonic cycles. I know I have it somewhere. ........ I studied this quite a bit. 
Songwriting Ingredients / Re: How I write songs
« Last post by reidmoto on Today at 02:49:16 »
This is a cool thread @NoiseAlter, and I mainly use a similar process, but I don't play acoustic guitar too well,
so I mostly noodle around on electric guitar.

I save riffs, chord progressions, and ideas in Logic, that I think have potential to be part of a song.
I really like songs in the classic rock genre, where there is a strong musical hook, usually with guitars.

Think, "Sweet Home Alabama," by Lynard Skynard, "Life in the Fast Lane," by the Eagles, "Black Dog,"
by Led Zeppelin, and countless others. So when I stumble upon a cool riff, I record it, or I will forget it.

But I also write from the opposite end of the spectrum. I watched an interview with Duke Ellington, and
the interviewer asked, "Do you have dreams Duke?" He replied, "Dreams, I've got a million of them."
I thought that would make a great chorus for a song, and set out to write it.

It ended up like this: "I've got a million dreams, and they're all about you and me."

Songs for review / Re: 'Ai Bunny Boiler'
« Last post by reidmoto on Today at 01:05:08 »
@MichaelA  I love your cleverness, and the continual annoying reminders from the female bot! Such a cool song,
and I think you knocked it out of the park!

Songs for review / Re: Tall Waves - Love of a Lifetime
« Last post by reidmoto on Today at 00:59:34 »
@revivalchoir it sounds amazing, and I love the guitars, reminds me a bit of U2, and the drums are killer!

You have a unique voice, and I think it's killer!

Great job!

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