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Me / Re: New to the group
« Last post by scojada91 on Today at 01:56:41 »
Thanks for the welcome!   Very cool to be talking to songwriters all over the world.  We are a global community.  Looking forward to hearing you as well.
Songs for review / Re: Broadcast quality?
« Last post by scojada91 on Today at 01:48:03 »
Thanks for listening.  I had gotten to the point where I needed fresh ears on this. ( I've been mixing it off and on for 7 years)
Just replied to your  "All the Nothing I Want " .  Great phrase !
Songs for review / Re: All The Nothing I Want
« Last post by scojada91 on Today at 01:35:33 »
You've got a very inventive sound mix here. I really like all the textures .  And  the lyrics create quite a visual.  Great concept. Nice job!
Songs for review / Re: First Music Video - Mañana
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Today at 01:26:41 »
Me encantó tu canción! No es mi estilo habitual pero el tema tiene una musicalidad tan agradable y bien llevada que me ha hecho escucharla de cabo a rabo: la intro, el desarrollo y la aparición de la melodía... Muy buen trabajo, y muy buena letra. Además en Español, todo un lujo por aquí. Hasta pronto. ::dj::
Songs for review / Re: First Music Video - Mañana
« Last post by ItsRilo on Today at 00:58:38 »
@Vince, Thanks guys 😊
@Bill from November Sound  I'll remove it next time haha 😊 ::Note:: ::heart::
Songs for review / Re: NEW SONG I'm Back 🎉🎉
« Last post by ItsRilo on Today at 00:55:07 »
@Bill from November Sound, Thank you :) I'm givin my best ::Note::
and I agree with you, the next Gen Rap is not like it was, sadly...
but let's bring it back and let the music play 😊🎉
Songs for review / Re: Enjoy The View
« Last post by Vince on Today at 00:47:39 »
I like reading your reviews @M57 , but this isn't a review so much as just to say I like your song.  The imagery at the start gets my mind working, for example,

"Bright red Adirondack
And a softly setting sun "

makes me seem like I could be sitting there than if you would have said " I'm sitting in a chair watching the sun go down." and so on.


Wow or should I say Bravo!! @OscoBosco  very nice . I can appreciate how hard it was to write down all of those notes, or did you use a computer program?   I live in the Chicago Land area.


Songs for review / Re: First Music Video - Mañana
« Last post by Vince on Today at 00:24:54 »
hi @ItsRilo  I liked your video. I only remember a little "border slang" from my miss-spent youth in Tucson, AZ.  Strangely enough it brought back memories of drinking beer in the park and watching the parade of lo-riders go by.


Challenges / Re: So what's the last challenge of 2018 to be?
« Last post by DanJames on Today at 00:14:39 »
Nice idea but I just tried that in the last challenge, @Vince. Worst ranking since I signed up to the forum  ;D ;D ;D Think I'm going to stick to layered electric guitars and programmed drums!
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