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I loved to see this when i was stumbling about, so i thought  may share with you :)

Which pic you would consider you?  :D :D

I lile the Aggressive Rock Chickens! ::Rachel::

Lyrics / Re: Play
« Last post by Redlady on Today at 11:13:21 »
Hi LePlonger

Thank you for your kind comment.  I glad you liked the piece.  I am not strong with melodies except the one rolling around in my head.  I can sing this acappella putting music to it is for a good co-writer.  Thanks again for commenting.

Happy writing
Lyrics / Re: Play
« Last post by LePlongeur on Today at 09:45:49 »
I like it a lot @Redlady !!!
It has a very much grounded (feet to the ground) quality. And it's about real people.
Reading it again, I am convinced you'll catch someone to write equally uplifting music to these words. And I am very curious where it will take you both musically.

The consensus among my (female) friends is that most men will never grow up so this one will resonate among half the population. And for you, I look forward to that.
Kind regards, Gus
Lyrics / Re: Expensive habits
« Last post by LePlongeur on Today at 09:30:22 »
Thank you @Redlady for your compliments.
Since the 1st of December, i decided to use another way of publishing some of my songs here.

If you  would check out Inspraakprocedure/Participation procedure in Songs for review, you'd see what I mean. The same song in Dutch (which is still my forte) and English. Which I am learning.

And most of my songs are about reckless partying and social comments.
Inspraakprocedure is one of the latter.

And it doesn't do any harm to remember I am a storyteller. So don't believe everything you read......
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards, Gus
@LePlongeur @Leonard Scaper @Dutchbeat
Thank you ever so much for listening this means much to me.
@Dutchbeat in this case I would love to hear songs like that on the main stream radio, from all over the world, but I am afraid it will not happen again ;-)...but that means we have to become even louder to get the message clear.
Lyrics / Re: New thing I'm trying ... partially finished lyrics
« Last post by Redlady on Today at 08:32:58 »
I love the rhyme schemes  of verse  one and the repetition of the chorus.
Great job.  I am  eagerly awaiting  the finished lyric.

Happy  writing
Lyrics / Re: Expensive habits
« Last post by Redlady on Today at 08:22:40 »

I like the title.  I  followed your storytelling and you flowed well. I liked  your word pictures. Great job.
Lyrics / Re: Shake That Thing (WIP - Delta Blues Idea)
« Last post by Redlady on Today at 08:14:37 »
This reminds me of uptempo blues song. I could hear and feel the mood of the song in my head. Great job.
Lyrics / Re: here I am dying
« Last post by Redlady on Today at 07:52:40 »
Hi Rightly

The title caught my attention.  I had to read it as spoken word also.  Please remember the first verse must set up the characters, context and setting.  I felt your pain.  This reminded me of a fireside chat with a friend.  I love the line--"call me the life o' th' party".  Great job.
Songs for review / Failure
« Last post by jaustinwilliams on Today at 05:24:05 »
Is it cool/practical to post a dropbox link to a song video?  Oh well here it is, I guess I'll find out:

I am new to this forum.  If you can see this song I would be happy for any/all critiques and comments. 

This song is called Failure (blackwinged bird).  I love failure.  Fortunately I am an entrepreneur, not a doctor.  I can fail and no one dies (usually).  I have been on a winning streak before.  It is fun while it lasts.  Enjoy it.  Truth is, creativity and growth require destruction... of your goals, of your trajectory.  Heaven sounds boring to me.  A full heart requires risk and faliure.  And, if every now and then there is a victory, ahhh so sweeter it has been made by the bitterness of failure!  She is an elusive, transparent, uplifting blackwinged bird
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