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Songs for review / Re: Time Lapse Commuter
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 23:34:56 »
Wow this is most certainly the most weirdest sound I listened to in the kitchen haha!! So this is what a timelapse sounds like!! Thanks!
Good to see you around, and I agree with everybody, none of us 'fit in', but sometimes together we feel as 'one'. That's the beauty of the kitchen  ;) ;) Welcome back!
Mar T.

PS.. Username checks out.. I was expecting a Clapton sound... misread the l and the added e haha
Hi @Kellyanneg  ... well @Leonard Scaper and I do disagree occasionally.  :)  I like the second one better. To me it just feels more like the words sound. I'm going by the "feeling" of it right now and I'm on my way out the door.
I'll probably be able to go more in depth once I get to listen again. 
Songs for review / Re: Brexit
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 23:20:46 »

Hi @EnelyM ,
I was away last weekend with a few of my kitchen friends. @Goatrelated  told me she loved this new song of yours a lot. So I listened as well, and she was right! I loooved listening to your track!

I always get blown away by the french language, sounds so beautiful for a dutchmen. Love how your language sounds. 'Brexiter' sounds so different than 'Brexit', and I love what you did by using a recent political subject and gave that different interpretatiion with a human touch.

The song catched me immediately because it's just you and a piano in the beginning. Very nice chord progressions and a melody that continues after the song was finished. I noticed myself humming 'Mon cur sest fait Brexiter'.. And I love your voice! Nice sound of voice and I love the creativeness in your singing.

Creative choice of beat, mixes a bit electro feel to the song. I don't know if that was your intention. I can also easily hear a cajon and hand-played percussion, that would've resulted in a different, more natural overall sound imo.

Nice build at 2'28 with those strings!
Smart tempo change in the ending..

Sooo eh.. yes that was a treat to listen to!! Thanks for sharing and well done!!

Mar T.
Songs for review / Re: Sunflowers (Live Acoustic Demo)
« Last post by realkevm on Today at 23:18:26 »
That's a good idea Kel, never even thought of adding a bridge instead or looked at it like that, cheers.
Live performances / Re: Sunday Morning - Cover
« Last post by realkevm on Today at 23:17:51 »
Sweet, I love it :)
Live performances / Sunday Morning - Cover
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Today at 23:12:43 »
Here is Melissa, our friend Josh and I performing a cover of "Sunday Morning" at a little restaurant called Grill 37.
Nothing like the cool places that

I'll put some stuff on youtube as well for you non-facebookers.
Life / Re: nice meeting (new video attempt!)
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 22:55:50 »
Yessss! That was a nice chill weekend! Love the drone shots and you 2 @Goatrelated and @Dutchbeat don't need a choreographer. Allll natural!!
Thanks for the nice weekend!
Life / nice meeting (new video attempt!)
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Today at 22:38:45 »
i met @Mar T.  @Goatrelated  @budhabuilding
it was such a much fun...for me...
and...i added a pinch of @Leonard Scaper as well, and, well... :P :P :P ::) ::) ::) i am at the moment

Nice track......a very pleasant listen. You're right about not wasting that nice vocal from Melissa.
Lyrics / Re: Tides
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Today at 20:34:54 »
Cheers @Kellyanneg -forty minutes of time and it was there laid out before me.

Cheers Gus @LePlongeur  - the cadence of Alan's playing and title just took me way and I quite like the idea of the tides ebbing and flowing suggesting loss, the slate wiped clean, but maybe not as the pain of lost love cannot always be erased as easily.

A fairly simple idea in some ways, with repeating bits but I think it adds to the strength as the repeating lyric almost echoes the ebb and flow of nature.

Time and Tide wait for no man and all that ;-)

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