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Songs for review / Re: Into The Final Third
« Last post by Zedd on Today at 00:26:01 »
Hey @Leonard Scaper - I actually listened to this a few days ago but haven't had a chance to comment yet. It's a lovely piece - I just LOVE the lyrics. Quite moving really and I really love that you've taken that moment in time and made it into this powerful and positive song.  It is beautifully sung .. the warmth is striking.. I think this might be my favourite of yours so far and I really like the concept of the "final third".. Magnifique!
Songs for review / Re: Seize The Day
« Last post by Zedd on Today at 00:22:08 »
Thanks @MrBouzouki > im glad you mentioned the vocals. After several strong hints, my siblings clubbed together and bought me a Rode  NT1-A mic for my birthday. Apparently @Zedd  uses the same mic so it must be good...

Hi @DanJames - firstly happy birthday :)!

Thank you for pulling me into this thread - I'm a bit busy at the mo so I may have missed this otherwise... Great song and your vocals are fab! I do like my NT1-A  and it's certainly done a great job for you on this!

You do write a great tune I must say and this is so catchy and the instrumentation is spot on - it has a super drive to it!

Nice work, sir!

Songs for review / Re: How Did You Know?
« Last post by oorlab on Yesterday at 23:21:51 »
Liked - the lyrics go from "I" to "we" - that creates a cool vibe.
Hoping to hear the next phase of this, @realkevm
Songs for review / Re: Over the Scyllos Mountains (and Far Far Away...)
« Last post by dr_Shad on Yesterday at 22:42:01 »
@LePlongeur : Hi, thank you. As you mention Umiliani - the song is just a simple jazzrock inspired in 60s and 70s so the comparison to maestro Umiliani is great honour for me.
Songs for review / Re: Into The Final Third
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on Yesterday at 22:30:03 »
@MrBouzouki ........Perfect!

Thank you.
Songs for review / Re: no dancing allowed
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 21:58:15 »
ha, thanks for asking about the 10-53 @MrBouzouki
because i also told him a 10-59 would rhyme so much better at that place in the track

but, as far as i am concerned, for us this was, so organically grown, or made, this track..going back and fourth between ideas

til this script of @Leonard Scaper, this one...
10-53 = Road Blocked By Livestock  ;D

The plot:

Officer arrives on the scene to find young folks dancing in the street. Proceeds to "shake down" one of the dancers. Other dancers approach causing the officer to call for back-up, even as the infectious beat ( @Dutchbeat  :praise: ) begins to move his own non-dancing feet. Other officers soon arrive and start shaking it down in a different way. Soon all parties are....DANCING!!!

made perfect sense  ;D ;D ;D ;D
well, i like this kind of plot and lyrics myself a lot

and so much appreciate the collab i have with Leonard the Scapegoat (i blame him for everything  ;D ;D ;D ;D) via this great forum
thanks for listening  ::thumb::
Songs for review / Re: Into The Final Third
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Yesterday at 21:55:47 »
As a follow-up to my previous post @Leonard Scaper, the UK-based musician John Miles has the right of it.

Music - John Miles (1976)

Music was my first love
And it'll be my last
Music of the future
And music of the past.
To live without my music
Would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
my music pulls me through
Songs for review / Re: no dancing allowed
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Yesterday at 21:44:28 »
Cheers @Leonard Scaper

You and @Dutchbeat are certainly exploring some interesting areas as Just Cookin'
Songs for review / Re: Seize The Day
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Yesterday at 21:41:47 »
A good bit of hinting then @DanJames ... the Rode mics are excellent.
I have the NT-1 and the shock-mount and pop shield that come with it are excellent too.

Songs for review / Re: Into The Final Third
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Yesterday at 21:34:40 »
That one good word is MUSIC ... @Leonard Scaper ... and thinking about it, writing it, helping other people with it, performing it and recording it is a large part of who you are.  ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart:: That musical  connection between head, heart and soul allows us to make sense to some degree of what it's all about.

A nice piece of reflective songwriting ... but I almost expect nothing else.

 ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN::

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