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Songs for review / Re: FAR
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 15:49:04 »
Dear @Mora Amaro La Loba
Your work gets a more and more surreal aura with every post you give us.
I canít figure out if itís merely a play, a state of mind or a reaction to the lockdown.
If itís the latter, I hope the lockdown loves us and wonít leave us for some time to come.

Intriguing piece of work @Mora Amaro La Loba @Marcus Nalgaber !
Kind regards, Gus

Surely my mood is affected by the virus, I think the same as everyone else, however I think it is something natural in me hahahaha
Thanks for your visit Gus, I love to see you walking through the songs that we are all putting on the forum.


Songs for review / Re: Tolo - 'Lenie's Gift'
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 15:15:55 »
Ahhh, now I see @Tolo.
I am 28 all day long. Except when shaving. Then I am 70 in 2 months time.
In theory she could be Ďmyí Lenie. In reality it was a name that was frequently used. If she did MAVO3 exams in a school in Amsterdam Slotermeer? Otherwise she is your Lenie.
Kind regards, Gus
Songs for review / Re: Magic Sunset - Romantic Smooth Jazz
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 15:09:19 »
I agree with @Tolo  @Marcus Nalgaber .
But I donít have the time for lengthy listens. So I listen in installments. 10 mins here, 10 mins there, on different compuís as well....

You youíll have to be patient with me. It will take some days before I reach the end.
But thank you for posting it. And please be as careful in E as I am in NL.

Kind regards, Gus
Songs for review / Re: Mystery caller
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 15:00:17 »
Purely and simply @man of simple pleasures and this is not THE truth. Having said that:
Inspiration is not like trouble. You donít have to look for trouble, trouble comes looking for you.
Inspiration is something else.
Iíve got friends who are photographers. If they donít grab a camera and climb on a bike, they wonít make photos.
Iíve got friend who are sculptors. They wait a bit for the stone to show them itís possibilities, and then they start hacking away.
Etc etc etc.
So it always struck me as very strange that we (composers) wait for a bit of godly breath and a gentle hand of god in our backs to support us along.
Look at the news and you see why god has other things on his mind right now.

Everybody whoís been in love knows what happy-hormones can do.
Making music or writing songs can produce happy-hormones too.
Every day I am at home, I go into my music room and every day I write a new song. The whole day is at the disposal of the missus and the children and who may think they need help with something. But from 6 to 7,30 pm is mine.

Your brain knows when to expect happy hormones. Youíll lose the fear of crappy songs, because no matter what, we all write crappy songs. And the good ones are buried under the crappy ones.
Write 10 in as many days and youíll have 3 good ones.
You should give it a try.
Look at toddlers walking. Walking is difficult. We walk, donít step in the dog shit, look at eye candy along the way and have time to keep a conversation going.
Doing it everyday makes things look dead easy.
Writing is no exception.

Everyday a bit too much?
Have a look at the prompt writing thread. Guaranteed for you to chuckle and guaranteed for you to think: hey, I can do that too. Yes, because you can.

And last: record every single tune you think up.
You never know, you know....
Really think you should give it a try. Talented enough...
Kind regards, Gus
Songs for review / Re: Magic Sunset - Romantic Smooth Jazz
« Last post by Marcus Nalgaber on Yesterday at 14:27:30 »
Wow - epic... I love the Pat Metheney-esque vibe of  Flying over Clouds of Love... very cool.  You have wonderful timing and phrasing - particularly when ending a note - and your attack is spot on. Effortless. Classy without being flashy.  ::thumb::

@Tolo  :lol: :lol: :lol: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

Many Thanks!!!  ::heart::
Songs for review / Re: Mystery caller
« Last post by man of simple pleasures on Yesterday at 14:12:14 »
@LePlongeur yeah i. need a song meself! just recently bought a Martin acoustic custom made 0-15M and its amazing so need some somgwriting inspiration!
Songs for review / Re: Faux punk song - quarantine
« Last post by man of simple pleasures on Yesterday at 14:02:22 »
indie vibes sounds good man! @thewinefestival
The kitchen cafť / Re: a new...New Order.. release?
« Last post by man of simple pleasures on Yesterday at 13:57:41 »
 @Dutchbeat first time i've listened to it, its ok not really been into new order. soon as i hear his vocals it just reminds me of the england tune they did for italia 90. probably first somg i ever heard of them when i was a kid!  that was a tune!
Songs for review / Re: The interviewer from hell
« Last post by man of simple pleasures on Yesterday at 13:45:50 »
uplifting tune @Dutchbeat. right so in my little acoustic guitar songwriting world i know who i would  want produce the songs @LePlongeur to get that sound of his, and if i want a DJ remix of them it would be the one and only @Dutchbeat haha
Songs for review / Re: Fee fi fo fum
« Last post by man of simple pleasures on Yesterday at 13:14:12 »
@GaryHynes i dig it man , cannot beat just an acoustic guitar and vocals, cool
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