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Songs for review / Re: Highwire - new song
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 01:41:24 »
Hey @jameshargreaves , that's a nice one man! Great to hear a track from your camp after so long. Your voice sounds brilliant (I even have the feeling your singing has inproved (although that's almost impossible  ;) ;) )). Very enjoyable track to listen to.

Make sure to check @M57 and @tuff bransch 's work, I'm sure you'll love it!
Cheers man!
Songs for review / Re: Time has come
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 01:35:49 »
Hey @oorlab and @smajor , thanks for sharing this collaboration with us!

I love the mixture of the synth and the more raw classic sound, sounds nice! Imo the chorus doesn't make the difference yes (musically), I know it's impossible in this stage, but a different chord progression there would've helped to set it more apart from the verses. But that's just my 2cts, overall this was a very enjoyable listen, well done guys!!

Songs for review / Re: New Song - Fool No More
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 01:28:37 »
Ooooh yes me like!!  ;) ;)
I especially love your voice, wow, it rocks!! What a presence and expression in your singing, love it!
But I noticed that a few weeks ago aready, and I'm glad we're going to do a collab together! (Still problems with spare time here, but we will!)  ;) ;)

Great instrumentation and nice fusion of classic blues with jazzy brass, and all sounds human and raw, yet it's produced very well imo. Nothing to fault, I enjooooyed the listen, thank you for sharing @Christy !

Songs for review / Re: Time has come
« Last post by smajor on Yesterday at 23:59:05 »
Hi @MichaelA @Dutchbeat and @Jurgen

Thanks for the kind words guys  ::phone::

Life / Re: When does one become an "artist"?
« Last post by Jurgen on Yesterday at 23:21:22 »
Great topic @Bill from November Sound and some really interesting answers.

I can agree with a lot of what everyone has said so far but only to some extent.

I like what @MrBouzouki has written but I think I have to disagree with a lot of it - even though I can see how I'm probably wrong!

If some creates something from within, a painting, music, poetry, a story etc. then from a literal point of view, then they are an "artist". But for me an artist is someone who stands out, does something unique without necessarily being brilliant at their art.

So I think Mark Knopfler for example would qualify as he has such a unique (in the rock world) style of playing and has had such a long career. Eric Clapton as well - to stand out as a blues guitarist when so many people play blues is something.

I wouldn't call myself an artist - I play guitar but I don't stand out. I'm one of thousands and I can always hear someone much better than me. I would say I was a musician but to be an artist I would need a lot more than I've got. Something unique that goes beyond the ability to play. It's a way of using your instrument (voice, guitar, pen, brush etc.) in a way that's different, a way of being creative that doesn't follow others, a way of expressing something about yourself in a way that most can't.

I'm not sure many would agree with me though - in that it's not enough to "just" create art to be an artist.

I'm torn though by all of this - I think if I was to sit down and discuss this with others like MrBouzouki etc. I would probably end up changing my mind!

This is a really tough question...


Songs for review / Re: Drifter (Inspirational Input Competition)
« Last post by Jurgen on Yesterday at 22:57:03 »
Very cool @iiviivix - it's great you can rap and sing. It adds to the track having spoken, rap and singing rather than just rap.

Nice entry for the comp

Songs for review / Re: Time has come
« Last post by Jurgen on Yesterday at 22:53:42 »
Great stuff @oorlab and @smajor - really good collaboration.

As others have said - drums (for me the cymbals) are mixed a little too loud but other than that, this was a great listen and very catchy.

I also hear Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder (the drums - Superstition like) and some Steely Dan - but mainly I hear Oorlab!

Voted.  ;D

Well done everybody who took part

 ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN::
Songs for review / Re: Time has come
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 22:45:29 »
cool this @oorlab  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

and @smajor, a very nice track you put together guys  ::thumb:: ::thumb::

i got some Talking Heads listening to this

i am amazed at the enormous variation in your music and projects @oorlab

extra karma points for both of you 8) 8) 8)
Life / Re: When does one become an "artist"?
« Last post by MrBouzouki on Yesterday at 22:19:03 »
A very interesting question @Bill from November Sound and for me it has a simple answer.

An artist is someone who has the urge to create.

From a musical perspective they might not (by our modern judgemental and competitive standards) be classed as an exponent of their art.
They might lack performance skills which is less of a problem nowadays.
They might never understand the magical formula and theory of music, rhythm, syncopation etc.
They might not be able to craft words to really connect with a listener to those words
Nobody but themselves might understand what they are trying to do.

None of this matters  ;D ;D ;D

For me the act of creation is an expression of our higher thought processes and sets us apart from most other creatures.

So anybody who has ever written a new song, or hummed a new tune, or produced an original film score etc. etc. is an artist.
It can also be anybody who has adapted something that has gone before. They have made a new 'thing' ... they have created.

It isn't for nothing that my tag line on this site is "Let The Creators Create" :-)

From my viewpoint I think this is the very heart of what the Kitchen is about, where the act of creating is nurtured and encouraged for the benefit of all.   ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone::

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