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Just giving this one another listen.....I am attracted to the way you play and sing this with such raw emotion.
Life / Re: Karma coins!?!?!?
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Today at 11:59:47 »
Well you see @Jambrains it all started here:

I simply wanted a little, teeny, tiny certificate badge that I could put up on our November Sound website that says we got first place in a songwriting competition. Nothing fancy mind you: just like one of those little facebook emblems, you know?  -----   I also asked about the exchange rate from Karma Points to American dollars.

So @Dutchbeat got right on that ..... not my little kitchen emblem that I an exchange rate!!! @Mar T. implemented super secret block chain technology.......and here we are with Karma Coins. :)

Did I get that right guys?  :)
I'm going to take my time working through this fine batch of songs. :-)

Well done everybody who got something in. You are all winners in my eyes.

 ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN:: ::OSMAN::

Life / Karma coins!?!?!?
« Last post by Jambrains on Today at 09:49:00 »
Just noticed that the karma points suddenly is karma coins!
@Mar T. & @Dutchbeat, is that a first step towards a kitchen crypto currency?
If so, will there be a fix exchange rate for Musicoin?  ;)
some really outstanding and well-constructed tracks here.  I am always in awe of the talent here.  I am so curious to see how the top 5 will look, as I think given the diverse styles of the entries, I wonder how much personal taste will influence the voting for some of the niche tracks!
Songs for review / Re: Shine on - Positive Song Competition Entry
« Last post by Mar T. on Yesterday at 23:29:28 »
Hi @The C&D Project ,

Listened to this entry, which (for gods sake) I forgot to enter to the VOTING list.
As said it's too late to add it to the list, but I'll give this thread a bump a few times, so that your
(hopefully) your song will be heard just like the entries that are in the list.
I hope that compensates a bit..

Just listened to your song, and congrats for meeting the assignment needs, well done! No 'like' and 'love',
and an absolutely positive message in the lyrics. 
I loved the guitar play and your vocal sounds. There's a bit of room for improvement on the vocal part imo,
your voice sounds fab (nice sound!) but here and there some notes are off a bit. That having said,
since it's recorded in 1 take you have my deepest respect!

Well done man, thanks for giving it a try and for sharing it with us!

Songs for review / Re: A cover :) ...
« Last post by CrystalSuzy on Yesterday at 23:19:44 »
Really nice to hear something from you @Rachel_D cover or not ::Note:: I've never heard the original either, but you've done an amazing vocal coverage of it, regardless  ::Suzy::
No problem, no harm done  ::thumb::
@Mar T.  this one needs adding to the list by @The C&D Project

Thanks @man of simple pleasures ! @The C&D Project , as discussed over PM, this is totally my fault and I'm so sorry! I'm glad you were not upset!
Thanks for understanding that, since voting is already running, it's impossible to add the track to the voting poll (that would never lead to satisfying results, since people are already voting).
We'll do something for you in return to make up, that's a promise.
Voted!  ::thumb:: Good luck everyone!  ::phone::
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