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Songs for review / Re: Heavy rain (acoustic vers) New!
« Last post by redmando on Today at 12:46:31 »
The insistent arpeggios give this a really contemplative feel. Lovely.
You're right @Goatrelated !! Last song I (we!) recorded was 'Zoals Liefde' back in our march summit! Bit busy with programming stuff needed at work, but I'll come in with a new tune (or a few!) whenever I feel those creative vibes! At least we're going to record a new track in our 5-year kitchen summit in Germany next September, make sure to be part of the backvocal section ok?  ;) ;) ;)
Songs for review / Big Plans DEMO - Rock
« Last post by TheMobRapper on Today at 00:30:27 »
It's me again! I've got a nice new workstation PC, a few albums laid out, multiple songs in progress . . . and this one song that's really coming together. This is my first attempt at rock, and I have a lot of rock lyrics written, so I figured, hey, better start now. I'm still learning how to make decent guitar sounds via VSTs, and this one actually came out of a set of guitar samples that I have from This specific set comes from Attilaroeckl (yes, I spelled it right), and I have an instrumental partially constructed that I could REALLY use some advice on. Have a listen and share your honest opinion! I may have a vocal demo out in a day or two, as well (mic shipping as we speak). Thanks, and have a beautiful day!  ::headphone::

Songs for review / My angel (Мій Ангел) - My new song
« Last post by shatiks on Yesterday at 20:13:06 »
Sometimes our guardian angels forget about us. It is dedicated to all who have not returned from the war....
Songs for review / Re: Heavy rain (acoustic vers) New!
« Last post by shatiks on Yesterday at 19:58:21 »
Thank you so much for all your feedback! )
Thanks @Dutchbeat ! Very kind of you to say :)

We've just found out that the song is being played on BBC Radio tonight, so we're seriously pleased with how well this tune is doing! Exciting times.
Songs for review / Re: All About The Pain (Stella's Blues)
« Last post by monty_lameer on Yesterday at 16:06:10 »
Wow!!! Some excellent serious rocking here!!  ::e-guitar3::
Songs for review / Re: My new song "I Worship Black Lotus"
« Last post by Kajetan Zduniak on Yesterday at 15:22:14 »
Black Lotusssssss yeah Black Lotusssssss
can you hear me
I adore you, yeahhhhhh I adore you

and now someone to sing it, someone like @Mar T. a real rocker he is

your guitarwork is outstanding
Thank u for your kind words @Goatrelated !
I really want to collaborate with someone to include vocals but i dont know anybody on this forum who sing in metal style :)
Thank u really much for for appreciating my playing ^^
I hope that u liked my solo it took much time to create it :)
Very positive song filled with optimistic philosophy :)
Songs for review / Re: All About The Pain (Stella's Blues)
« Last post by Kajetan Zduniak on Yesterday at 13:25:08 »
nice to hear some acoustic stuff :)
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