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The kitchen café / (warning...) songs that bring tears in your eyes
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 20:34:12 »
who dares to tell..about songs.. or music that....not only gave goosebumps...but even ...
tears in your eyes...almost, or for real  ::)  :yes: :yes: :yes:

Songs for review / Re: Go Billy Go
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Yesterday at 18:23:00 »
Ha, ha @redmando  .... a crazy psychedelic djembe jam .... about an evil goat ..... with pictures of llamas or alpacas or whatever they are!

So funny!   ;D

Actually good!

More folk songs please @MrBouzouki . Nice job.  ::thumb::
Songs for review / Re: Go Billy Go
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 17:20:38 »
hi @redmando , that is so cool  :praise: :praise: :praise: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

awesome  ::headphone:: ::headphone::

@Bill from November Sound

While I was still scratching behind my left ear @redmando you did your black magic?
Surf goes world music?
This is seriously great fun.

High time for me to think of something!!!

Kind regards, Gus
Songs for review / Re: Go Billy Go
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 15:36:15 »
Totally world music goes surf or something like that. Very nice, whatever the label you stick to it.

Highly original!

Kind regards, Gus
That is awesome @redmando  !!


Those shapeshifters are serious business. You think you got them and then they go and turn into a different species.  C:-)

Thanks @Bill from November Sound . I posted the completed song in the Review section. Thanks for the inspiration @Dutchbeat !
Songs for review / Go Billy Go
« Last post by redmando on Yesterday at 14:49:23 »
Elsewhere on the Kitchen we have a little song prompt discussion going. @Dutchbeat set us a difficult prompt about a goat accused of robbery. This is how I interpreted it:

Go Billy Go

If it's a Mazda that you're after
He can steal a 323
Caught a hoof in the sun-roof
Now he's in police custody

Vigilantes taking chance
Vowed they wouldn't set him free
His case is tragic, no black-magic
Now he's in police custody

State of Kwara, robbed a car and
His shape-shifting got him free
Black and white coat, gave away Goat
Now he's in police custody

In Nigeria, law is clearer
Don't you try armed robbery
Such a goat in new fur coat
Sitting in police custody
Lyrics / Re: Will Donald Still Visit Mar A Lago (When It's Under Water?)
« Last post by CGHound on Yesterday at 05:05:48 »
I wrote this yesterday. My inspiration should be obvious.

Will Donald Still Visit Mar A Lago (When It's Under Water?)

Verse 1:
Polar ice is melting
it's melting everyday
there could come a time
when it all melts away
and spills into the oceans
like we've never seen before
like in a giant bathtub
rising on the shores

Chorus 1:
And when the people flee like lambs from the slaughter
Will Donald Still Visit Mar A Lago When It's Under Water?

Verse 2:
Will Donald even know
he had a hand in this?
Or will he be like the cat
that breaks the vase to bits
then looks around amazed
because something precious fell
but not because of him
or the switching of his tail

Chorus 2:
Will Donald climb aboard Air Force One with his wife and daughter?
Will Donald Still Visit Mar A Lago When It's Under Water?

Will they sit in scuba gear
in the banquet hall?
Will he swim around the green
to whack his little balls?
Will CNN have footage
of them paddling 'round the park?
Will we see the moment
when Donald jumps the shark?

Chorus 3:
Will we be shocked to learn our president swims like an otter?
Will Donald Still Visit Mar A Lago When It's Under Water?

At this point I suspect the Orange Menace is looking for property in a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the USA.

Given the acceleration of ocean rise,  parts of Florida will be submerged sooner than predicted.
Songs for review / Donald Trump Is A POS And So Are His Supporters
« Last post by CGHound on Yesterday at 03:09:39 »
I was reluctant to post this song and video because it has some F-bombs but given the attack on America by what I see as depraved terroristic insurrectionists and traitors, I think now it's time. I wrote this in late 2018 when I saw the writing on the wall.

This is not your typical whiny protest song about social injustice. This is more of an anthem an historical account and a warning to traitors and a wake up call to patriots. If American democracy falls, Europe and Oceania could be next.  Wishful thinking won't change the nature of the depraved.

The sad fact is, some people are no damn good and patriots need to wake up to that fact. Patriots defend their nations partisans defend despots. 
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