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Songs for review / Re: Different
« Last post by Knate on Today at 01:31:16 »
Thank you for the kind words, @GaryHynes and @DavidHutton !   I've been wrasslin' with those guitars for some time now.  Really happy with how they are sounding
Thank You @1roomstudio For Your Comments Nice To Hear And Your Lyrics Go In A Direction I Started To Go In The First Place. Sometimes It Takes Time To Fully Realize A Song With Music And Lyrics. Sometimes I Compile A List Of Words That Pertain To ----In This Case The Picture That Is Presented To Us  And It Is Up To Us To Glean A Meaning Or Feeling That Inspires To Create A Song And I Believe The More We Feel Or See A Meaning The Easier It Is To Compose Something From It.  That Feeling Or Meaning I Get Kinda Directs Me To What Rhythm My Composition Will Be Or The Feeling I Want To Impart To It....Anyway Thank You  Also I Miss Turning Off El Monte Rd. Going To The Campus. I Had A Little 240 Z That I Dropped A 280 In And I Had Duel Down Draft Webbers On And A 5 Speed! When I Left School Sometimes I Would Cruise Down Highway 1 To Santa Cruz And Play Some Guitar On The Beach With Who Ever Was Around -- A Drum Circle On Time--- Very Cool, Then I Would Go Over The Hills To San Jose Where I Lived At The Time. I Also Camped In The Red Woods A Lot With A Buddy That I Played Music With. We Would Serenade The Deer That Would Encircle Us,  Really A Mystical Part Of The Country...........~~~~~~*BB
Songs for review / Re: Different
« Last post by GaryHynes on Yesterday at 22:49:39 »
@Knate Hey. I wasn't able to access the song through the link, but found it through the links in your sig. This sounds excellent. Love the crunchy guitars, just heavy enough. Overall a great performance and great voice.
Songs for review / Re: Belong With Me (Let Your Umbrella Down)
« Last post by GaryHynes on Yesterday at 22:02:07 »
@Cool Hand It's a pleasant song, and I'm happy for you. Good choice of photo too, believe they are Blunt umbrella's, will keep you dry during the storm but always a relief to let them down.
The kitchen café / Re: French Welcome
« Last post by Mylene on Yesterday at 21:05:46 »
Je suis aussi une grande fane de Mylène Farmer, Jacques Brel, Barbara Pravi et Stromae ainsi que la grande Barbara.
Merci pour le partage, je ne connaissais pas Arno Hintjes et Sapho.
Sa prestation à l'Eurovision est effectivement mémorable  :loveit:
The kitchen café / Re: French Welcome
« Last post by oorlab on January 16, 2022, 23:10:49 »
un grand merci @Mylene  pour cette heureuse contribution. J'adore Jacques Brel, Stromae et Arno Hintjes - souvent francophones de Belgique. Mais aussi Sappho, Mylène Farmer, George Brassens... et Barbara Pravi, bien sûr qu'elle aurait dû gagner le dernier Concours Eurovision de la Chanson.
Songs for review / Re: the Swallow Song
« Last post by GaryHynes on January 16, 2022, 22:01:46 »
@rightly Very much enjoyed this. First song I've heard in the kitchen for a while. The first verse really spoke to me too, as I was a victim of online fraud this week, and it involved shoes! So some extra meaning there for me. And I got a Cohen vibe too, in a good way. Thanks.
The kitchen café / French Welcome
« Last post by Mylene on January 16, 2022, 21:10:12 »
Bonjour tout le monde !

As you probably already know, I am French and I like to share my songs and covers in French (and English) with the Songwriters in the Kitchen's forum. This community is so kind, open-minded and passionate. It is an international place where different languages can build many songs and French is welcome to be more a part of them. I have heard that some people on this forum would love to have more French around here.

It would be interesting for French people or people who know even a little bit of French ;) to share their favorite French songs/style and their own French creations. That could be a wonderful experience for us to see how you feel about French music or art in general.

So welcome to French singers, musicians, writers, composers and non French artists to the Kitchen who would like to share with us a little bit about your perspective and your tracks in your own French way.

I am looking forward to listening to you all.
Thank you @LePlongeur and @oorlab for wanting to initiate this French introduction into the forum.

Bonne journée à toutes et tous.
Prenez soin de vous.


If you want to listen to some of my songs, you can check my SoundCloud here:

Songs for review / Re: the Swallow Song
« Last post by rightly on January 15, 2022, 15:39:07 »
Yes, this is good I think.
There may be a slight problem with us accepting that we are no longer able to sing in the key we did effortlessly 30 years ago. In other words, transposing to a lower key might give it a laid back felling. And make the outspoken ideas more outspoken.
These are great things to sing about @rightly! Wake me up when you do another one please.
Kind regards, Gus

interesting points there Gus
I'm okay with my vocals here
you might be right though, might've been better to do it in a lower key.

I've plenty of similar madness on my shelf.
I'm soo slow these days
please be patient
Songs for review / Re: the Swallow Song
« Last post by rightly on January 15, 2022, 15:36:08 »
@rightly  . . . had a few listens, and from your comment responses . . . well, you may have been a bawdy naughty poet back in the day.:)
Really like the way you presented the vocals, it's got some interesting echo effects in places, and the phrasing is very well done, true to the poetry.
I always appreciate some clever rhymes, you certainly had that going on.
Yes, it has a certain sense of fun, danger, and innocence . . . interesting combination that I really enjoyed, and it took me a number of listens to really get it FYI.
I'll admit the ending lyric caught me by surprise . . . so, as the story goes, if it really happened that way . . . I hope it did !

thanks @popitup

it did happen this way and
i'd have liked to go into more detail with the final verse but i wanted the dancer to like it
she'd have been furious if i gave it all away. lol.

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