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Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by Monty Cash Music on Today at 07:37:43 »
@Bill from November Sound

No worries, I surround myself with quality so I hope you enjoy! haha
Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Today at 07:31:07 »
Hi @GaryHynes ! Welcome to the kitchen!   :)

Way to go  @Monty Cash Music ... good job with the recruitment.   :ok:
Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by Mar T. on Today at 04:45:42 »
Hi @GaryHynes , welcome to the kitchen!! This is a great place to collaborate, just feel free and post collaboration requests in the 'Collaboration' section so people know you're searching for collabs.. Thanks for introducing yourself and have fun between all us beautiful, smart and creative people!

Mar T.
Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by Monty Cash Music on Today at 01:13:10 »

The amazing Gary Hynes of Limerick everyone!

Thanks for coming Gary, welcome to this kitchen. After you've finished doing the dishes you should definitely post that song you sent me in the songs for review section complete with lyrics.

I'm sure it will be a hit.

Welcome!  :shinyteeth:

PS, use the tagging function when replying to people. Read the FAQ to get started and to get familiar with the place.
The kitchen café / Re: Even Steven
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Yesterday at 23:22:23 »
Yeah I'm bumping this! ::Hoss::

Even numbers of karma points people!

You see someone with 203 karma points? Then click "one karma coin for you" below their name and number! Do it!
It costs you nothing!

Even numbers!!!

:dance: :dance: :dance: :yes: :dance: :dance: :dance:
Nice work @MrBouzouki   … I look forward to the development of this track!   ::Hoss::
Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 19:33:46 »
You can never rely on the management to tell you the whole story @GaryHynes .
LePlongeur is the lowest rank in any French Kitchen. And the Plongeur is doing the dishes. And I do my job with pride.

But it goes like this: The latest member pays for the drinks.
We are always willing to bend some rules and aerials, but not this rule.

And of course welcome in da Kitchen.
Kind regards, Gus
Me / Re: Me and my meness
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 16:02:39 »
Hi @GaryHynes , thanks for joining the Kitchen  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: I hope @Monty Cash Music also told you...that the latest member is in charge of doing the dishes  ;D ;D ;D :blackgrin:

WELCOME, i hope you will like it out here in the Kitchen   :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :nopompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:
Me / Me and my meness
« Last post by GaryHynes on Yesterday at 15:55:31 »
Hi all.

Just dropped by so just saying hi. Thanks to Monty Cash for the invite.

I've been writing songs for 8 years. It's been quite the journey but the greatest adventures lie ahead, as Bilbo Baggins might say.

Looking forward to browsing the site, listening to others music and hopefully collaborating with some if you in the future.

Songs for review / Re: A Taste Of Metheglin Rough Intro 270320
« Last post by Vince on Yesterday at 15:45:30 »
@MrBouzouki   What I heard, Mr. B, left me wanting more
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