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Songs for review / De ty idesh? (Where are you going?)
« Last post by shatiks on Yesterday at 22:58:20 »
Just recorded a new song

Where are you going?
What do you carry in your hands from the war?
What have you lost?
What have you made your bed with at night?
How do you live?
Do you remember all those who fell?
Where are you going?
Is there someone waiting for you?
Where do you go
What have you lost
How do you live
What you believe in

Where do you go?
There's no limit to happiness or sorrow
What have you found?
In found fortresses in ruined towers
What did you discover?
As you fell into the abyss with all your might
What did you believe in?
When you fell face first into the sticky dust
Songs for review / Re: Silent Moments
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 12:56:17 »
Hola @popitup

It's a so nice song!! I enjoyed its warm sound and arrangement. Really pretty lyrics and voice delivery!
Stay well

Songs for review / Re: The Fruit (Ground my Feet)
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 12:53:42 »
Hola @Pleudoniem
Your song and your music are very special, they have an iconic stamp of yours. I liked it a lot
Stay well

Songs for review / Re: Angel (Lo-Fi, Dubstep? Maybe?)
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 12:52:35 »

He also straightened me out on the genre… “Lo-Fi definitely… but not Dubstep…” apparently missing required “Wub Wub” and Bass on Steroids! He suggested “Trip Hop.”

The Genre Explosion has left me twisting in the wind 💨🤷‍♂️

I hate labels so take them off, they only serve to pigeonhole, leave the door and the windows!!!

Stay well
Songs for review / Re: I am still a woman
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 12:48:37 »
Holá Holá!!

It seems I missed this song at the time!

A nice little snippet from your personal 'diary' of thoughts. It seems you just let them run...I like that. ::heart::

 And like @LePlongeur to meyour songs kind of addictive and I'm waiting for the next one. ;D
By the way, what you wrote last to my voice, I can only return 1:1. It applies to your voice quite the same!

I send you much love ::heart:: ::heart::

Hola @Mo
Thank you, don't think that I like this song very much, but it is what it is hahaha
By the way, what I say about your voice and last song is totally true, I only lie when it's for survival hahaha ::Suzy:: ::smiley:: ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::
Songs for review / Re: The Fruit (Ground my Feet)
« Last post by Pleudoniem on Yesterday at 09:51:50 »
@popitup @1roomstudio Ah, so the bass was a little loud indeed. It also shows it is at quite a high level in my edit even if  it wasn't bothering me, but I've lowered it a tad. Is it any better now?

The drums are actually based on a funky drummer pattern, but I played them with brushes, which gives this jazzy twist to it. Yes, I also quite like the sound :)

Still working on the clip, but I am making progress. It is one great experimental journey, as I am learning the program by working with it and setting new goals as I go along, and looking up answers on the Internet if necessary.
Songs for review / Re: Silent Moments
« Last post by LePlongeur on Yesterday at 07:09:28 »
Liked it some 16 hours ago soundthingy says.
But where’s is my kit.Chen post?

A very very nice 70’s vibe. I like this kind of guitar oriented music a lot. A nice collab too.
Keep em coming please!
Kind regards, Gus
Songs for review / Re: The Fruit (Ground my Feet)
« Last post by popitup on Yesterday at 04:40:07 »
Curious to hear if others have the same thing. It's a standup bass, which is usually quite thumpy, but that was the idea, to give it a jazzy feeling.

@Pleudoniem . . . super interesting listen, I had some fun here ! The 2 lovely and delightfully twisted electric guitar solos reminded me I was listening to jazz, though, the drums are jazzed throughout, but they act more as glue to keep the ideas together. Rhythmically exceptional, and natural. Was trying to figure out the lyric theme as I listened and read along . . . (disclaimer, I'm "popitup" . . . horizons in need of expansion)  . . . I'm thinking it's something about gardening, moving a tree . . . maybe the lyrics are jazz too ?

I did also notice the program level low compared to other streaming stuff, and when I turned volume up, the standup bass did have a lot of bottom. If you have a way of slightly rolling off bottom, and finding a higher harmonic to accentuate, that might help the overall. Still, a good recording, all parts are clear. I also liked the octave up vocal on "ground my feet"

So looking forward to your video, will watch for it here !
Songs for review / Re: Silent Moments
« Last post by popitup on Yesterday at 03:58:21 »
Such a beautiful song to start the day! ::heart:: @popitup

The whole piece fits perfectly together and the vocals nicley  match the expression of the guitar,  easy  but with a touch of melancholy. And I can understand every word of the lyric clearly, which is really not the rule for me as a non-native English speaker. :ok:
The whole mix seems to my ears (caution am only a layman :D) very well mixed.
A really good collaboration! Will we hear more from you one day?

@Mo  . . . thank you so much ! . . . it is most appreciated, especially because of my appreciation for your work as well. I had some serious help with this one, mixing and instrumentation, such a rewarding collaboration. Glad you picked up on the interplay of the vocal and guitar, Mark really impressed me when he sent me some guitar tracks !

And yes, that "touch of melancholy" an old flame, many years ago . . .
"Will we hear more from you one day?" . . . sure, but next one is gonna' be more uptempo !!
Thanks again
Songs for review / Re: Silent Moments
« Last post by popitup on Yesterday at 03:45:41 »
Great work @popitup the vibe and the mix of the guitars is excellent. Cool lyrics and vocal delivery.  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

I’m hearing a slight “crackle” on the vocal track… it might need a Low Pass filter above 10KHZ … or it could be fighting a bit with the guitars in that high range?

So much about this is Radio Ready!  Definitely a Keeper  :thumbsup:

@1roomstudio  . . . thanks so much for the comments. A lot of favourable things came together all at once to get this one completed, wish I could duplicate that pathway every time a song comes along, but it doesn't always work so smooth as this for me. You must have very tuned ears to hear a 10k crackle in this thick mix . . . thanks, I'll have a close listen to the vocal track, maybe let my mixing robots search and destroy it.
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