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Songs for review / Re: The Love Remains
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on Today at 00:58:52 »
@MichaelA ...smiling at Huey's royalties. I just hope he never hears this. Fat chance of that, right?  8)

Your last song nudged me in this direction, btw, along with @Nic  's last tune. I also liked how @eblossman was so chorus-centric with his last tune....not that I have anywhere near his pro quality arrangement skills.

Thanks for giving this one a listen.
Life / Re: Going To Basic Training!
« Last post by vincent_stewart on Today at 00:56:39 »
Best wishes!

Oh wow - great to hear this song being put to use! I've uploaded the first take I did of it to my Soundcloud (been absent for a few months studying/at Uni)

 -> :)

Love hearing it in a completely different style!
Ha! Amazing what you've done to my original demo. This is taking quite an interesting direction.
The song is a collab between myself and @Alex, so I can imagine she'll be surprised hearing this too.
It is intended as a duet, so please bear that in mind. I've only done both voices to get the project going.
Turs out it  has a bit of a latin feeling to it, which is surprising. Good fun, I might dance to this some day.
Please send your feedback, cause this song is meant to be another learning class for me.
Songs for review / Re: SINCE I MET YOU
« Last post by dashyell on Yesterday at 22:39:46 »
Amazing pop song ! sounds old fashioned but in the good way like if you wrote a classic anthem from the year 1979 so it's impossible to hear your song without thinking that you have a pure rock culture  ::thumb:: ::headphone::
DB in need of feedback, i hope that is ok
great song from Johan, better known as @ajwvdberg  ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::dj::
i hear issues
sorry for the timing mix up at the end of the track

but still i would appreciate some extra listening ears
and brains
Songs for review / Re: Signals
« Last post by dashyell on Yesterday at 22:32:51 »
Huge track Marti ! The melody is addictive and your voice fits great on it, can't wait to hear the whole 20 minutes track with I presume some additional chill sounds  :D ::thumb::
Songs for review / Re: The Love Remains
« Last post by MichaelA on Yesterday at 22:28:34 »
It is the song of a guy who has lived a little and even in the texture of the vocal delivery can put out the essence of 'the darkest hour'. You have made a big thing of the chorus there by your standards, but it definitely works. i did like the contrast of the outro sample with your own unplugged delivery. But you are better than old Huey anyway! Although you could prob do with a few if his royalties   ;)
Songs for review / Re: Lucky (New Song)
« Last post by MichaelA on Yesterday at 22:19:37 »
Sounds like another hit record to me, just like others you have previously posted on here. I think you have a great sound for your market, plus being a songwriter, not just a performer, puts you in a great position to maximise your appeal to record companies. You are heading in the right direcetion certainly.
Songs for review / Re: Lucky (New Song)
« Last post by Mutrins on Yesterday at 21:48:10 »
Seriously good song here @Mutrins . I agree with @Dutchbeat ....this sounds like a record for sure. You sound great on this one. I LOVE that bit of almost a cappella right there at the end.

The only tiny thing I'll say is that you could tune up your sss's and t's a bit. I'm chuckling at myself from having written that because I am struggling with de-essing right now on the vocals that I tracked this morning.

Really excellent piece of work here.

Thank you so much!

lol yea de-essing is kind of a weird thing isn't it? I'll find sometimes on certain speakers it sounds fine but others i'll hear those s's and t's. So I never know which to trust. But I will go back in and check it out. Thank you!!

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