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Songs for review / Re: Those Who'll Inherit Everything
« Last post by Mo on Today at 22:49:10 »
I love this thread,
What a wonderful way to learn to me as reader and listener. Thank you @all for comments and big respect to the song author @M57
Songs for review / Re: Those Who'll Inherit Everything
« Last post by M57 on Today at 22:32:12 »
@M57 ..the song progresses it could be upped with percussion..
I agree it needs more percussion.  That's usually the last step for me. I like to deliver an all but unfinished set of stems to a drummer so they know where the spaces are and can play as if it were live and they were responding and interacting with the other musicians. Also, I'm still not convinced the form is right.

..and I think with some more bass accents..
This is tricky territory. I love cool bass accents, but I'm a hack on the fretless the less I play, the better I sound. ::e-guitar::  But seriously, and more importantly, I need the band to support the song and not detract from the vocal.  I'm not sure from who or where, but I seem to recall that someone mentioned that they thought the bass was too notey in places. That's all I needed to hear.

Lots of percussionists on the forum, as well as multi-instrumentalists. Feel free to ask any of them?  ;)
Drums are pretty much the only thing that I outsource. I can usually get away with playing everything else. When I need drums, I've been using n professional (whom I've never met). He does the work remotely in his studio.  I really like the quality of his both his playing and recordings, but I'm always open to options. I don't know who the drummers are here.
Songs for review / Re: Those Who'll Inherit Everything
« Last post by Pleudoniem on Today at 22:05:55 »
@M57 Sounds very 70s, protest generation. Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and a bit of Beach Boy close harmony. I quite like it, although I agree with some of the comments earlier that as the song progresses it could be upped with percussion, and I think with some more bass accents.

I do think it is a very good song, but it sounds as if it is still unfinished.

Lots of percussionists on the forum, as well as multi-instrumentalists. Feel free to ask any of them?  ;)

Songs for review / Re: Standing There
« Last post by Mo on Today at 22:02:30 »
@Leonard Scaper  thats' again such a sensitive song.
The instrumental idea is just great!  (Grand-)piano and  guitar to me is a dream team!  Ok, maybe the piano here isn't perfect but hey who need that? This little imperfection is so charming and the guitar covers everything what maybe could be missed.  I even impressed you played both.
Content wise  you scratches a painfull topic about cuts thats sometimes necessary. It shows here how much the song me still cares, I hear a little impeachment swinging the 'you' still stands all the time and don't move in whatever direction. Heard it tripple, already mentioned how I like the guitar play?
Songwriting Ingredients / Re: AUDACITY - Tips and Tricks
« Last post by Pleudoniem on Today at 21:36:34 »
Usually, you can get a lot done by using a plugin that does what you want. Making a sound/vocal 'thicker' can be done in a variety of ways and with a variety of results. The Haas effect is one, as is reverbing it, but also stereo widening may help, or justifying the sound you recorded.

If you are willing to spend a bit on it, I could recommend EZMix, which offers a great lot of easy-to-use filters that oftentimes do the trick for you. There are expansion sets that especially cater for vocals. In my songs, I often like to tweek a setting that was often used in Motown recordings, just because I like the quality it gives to it. But there are other ways to work on the feel and make it fit to your taste.

You might want to try some of these free ones:

Songs for review / Re: On this Planet - coincidental song
« Last post by Mo on Today at 21:12:55 »
Yeah @oorlab this is a really cool one!

Sounds to me very authentic and entirely it has a great expression with your vocals and all....
I enjoyed the clip very much too! :)
Songs for review / Re: On this Planet - coincidental song
« Last post by ProgRockDan on Today at 20:35:58 »
The beginning feels a little random.  The song seems to really start at 30 seconds in.  I am not sure how the intro relates to what follows?   Then there seems to be an extended fade out starting at 2:40 minutes. 
The kitchen café / Re: How's everybody doing?
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Today at 20:15:09 »
hi @TDM good to hear your are doing good!

about uploading images on this side....yes it can be difficult, did you get that problem with the size of the photo being to big?

i had that, and since then i reduce the size of the photo and then it works

but it can be ....difficult....i don't think our IT-wizard and Kichenaut-in-Chief  :pompom: @Mar T.  can do something about it....or else he would have  ;D ;D ;D ;D

but keep these photo's of your (adoption) cats coming!!!! and good luck with getting them to ...get along with each other!

i didn't know where i could post this, but i  add it to this earlier thread because that has "Eminem" in the subject line, because....

Eminem released a complete new album, again without much or any notice before , and apparantly there is also a collaboration on it from Eminem with Ed sheeran (among others) ..yes, again. :yes: :yes:...i haven't heard that track yet, but i just watched the first 'single' with a video and it is about...the Las Vegas shooting, that shooting from a hotel room onto a crowd below that was enjoying a Country pop concert...images are quite graphic at places  :-[
i am just wondering, what do you think of this?

I underwrite @Bill from November Sound ‘s idea about things fully.
But having said that, if I post this one, right under your topic is an topic from somebody offering (at face value) what you ask....!!!
Check it out please, @JoannaWildWood
And good hunting to you. And this, from an almost life long veggie.....
Kind regards, Gus
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