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The kitchen café / Re: Debut Album - Ashes for Dreams
« Last post by Mar T. on Yesterday at 00:54:31 »
Hey @Zedd and @Jambrains from Ashes for Dreams!! Had your album on repeat last weeks in my car, at home and in via a bluetooth speaker. Must say it was in the background, so I cannot possibly comment on every single song. But I wanted to let you know I enjoyed listening soooo much!! Fab music, great fusion between JB's guitars and Irish folk.. If there's specific songs you need feedback for, let me know. Otherwise I'll keep streaming your album every once in a while. Wow!! What a pleasure to listen to!! I'm so proud you 2 beautiful people met here in our kitchen!!

Cheers, Love and Peace!
Mar T.
Songs for review / Re: Dr Roberts Remarkable Restorative
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on July 21, 2019, 21:15:33 »
Hi @robertkc

Your song has surprised me from the beginning, although I do not know what I expected to hear ... and little by little, I got into it. I enjoyed your change of melody to close the verses "better its better"  "chill you down", and how you solve melodically speaking some of the phrases ... The lyrics have also surprised me. I think I'm getting too serious...   that's why I've been glad to get into it and get out of my I do not know what.
 It has been a very pleasant experience. ::thumb::
Songs for review / Re: Our Way
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on July 21, 2019, 21:04:12 »
Hi @Krysoe

Lovely! You have made a love song that sounds good from the beginning and that takes you through the ears to atmospheres full of the sound of then.
It has put me in a good mood.
Songs for review / Re: Sambas & Cigarettes
« Last post by realkevm on July 21, 2019, 18:03:54 »
Cheers @Bill from November Sound, no Jazz there i'm afraid, on a night it's usually loud dance music I think, the floor is always sticky on a Sunday afternoon I know that much :) Thanks for the kind words man.

@Vince Thank you, that's what i'm aiming for my youtube channel to be, like a way to follow my journey from well not having very good songs and being a poor bedroom singer to hopefully having amazing songs and performing on big stages around the world :) Thank you for taking the time to have a watch
Songs for review / Re: Sambas & Cigarettes
« Last post by Vince on July 21, 2019, 17:59:17 »
You know @realkevm  it's like following a video diary. I see and hear great improvement. I agree with what Bill wrote. BTW, @Bill from November Sound  - inquiring about a piano and jazz bars?  Thinking about a world tour??   Wouldn't be the first American who went to England to get famous  ::smiley::
Songs for review / Re: Sambas & Cigarettes
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on July 21, 2019, 17:03:30 »
The thing about you, @realkevm , is that you're making the videos and learning from them. You've accepted that you can make improvements and, yes, you're making improvements! Surprisingly or maybe not many live performing musicians can't or won't do that.

Singing for an audience with a camera running out there is, as you know, much different than singing right to the camera. So the first video has a nice intimate delivery ... with whispered passages and full dynamic range. The second/ most recent has a nice energy for a live performance.... it's solid. I notice your vocals are improving especially the ends of notes - you're holding them out better and not letting them drop in pitch as much.

Off topic here:
Does the Jazz Bar ever have jazz? Is there a piano in there?
The kitchen café / Re: Saying "Thanks"
« Last post by Vince on July 21, 2019, 16:07:09 »
By sneaking in @Bill from November Sound , I was thinking back to a time when I lived closer to my family and before my brother in law retired. He was in a band and sometimes when I had nothing to do on a Saturday night I would grab something and walk in the back door and say I was with the band.

Worked every time  ;D
Songs for review / Re: Sambas & Cigarettes
« Last post by realkevm on July 21, 2019, 14:58:50 »
Hi guys here's a newer live version, I think I pretty much nailed it here what do you think?
Songs for review / Re: Wake Up Alone
« Last post by Kellyanneg on July 21, 2019, 13:52:47 »
@Jurgen I really like the slide guitar. I also like your chord changes, and your message is something many can relate to, yet it sounds like a piece of yourself...Nice song! :shinyteeth:
The kitchen café / Re: Saying "Thanks"
« Last post by Kellyanneg on July 21, 2019, 13:35:12 »
Gratitude is an amazing thing.
 "Often times I come across people online and in real life who want to be the big shot, enigmatic Rockstar. Follow no one. Reply to no one. Be grateful to no one."
Everyone starts somewhere, and I think the listeners and people that believe in you are like the foundation. Enjoy your travels, but don't forget your home. I try hard to encourage and show appreciation, and would give more if I could. I know how much it means to have that support, but also to be appreciated for it , to show it means something to those people. And there are some that genuinely don't care. "Saying thanks" is a great title.  :thumbsup:
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