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Songs for review / Re: Believe (First demo, advice needed)
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on Yesterday at 15:38:33 »
This is another good one for you.

I think you should extend the bridge with that last guitar chord into a stop. I'm hearing a fast 5 count.....

Cos i'm on my knees
Lookin like you won't believe

Might be cool to try something like that for a nice dynamic change.
Songs for review / Re: The corner of the night
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 15:28:25 »
Yeah I get a big Bryan Ferry vibe here, that yuppie dance music he was doing in the 80s.
Extremely pleasant on the ears and the toes, so it's got a bit for both ends. Very nice.
Sounds very dream like, and the lyrics are suitably mysterious with some neat guitar lines floating about.
I was having an out of body experience.

HI @eric craptone

I'm glad that my music moves you!! Thank you!!
Songs for review / Re: The corner of the night
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 15:26:59 »
@Mora Amaro La Loba  - definitely don't change accent - very much part of the vibe and proposition. The guitar figures are cool - more interplay with them.
The beat or rhythm could be more clearer in the mix: my recipe would be, first some EQ of the beat to the lower part, then some compression... compare it for instance with Brian Ferry Don't stop the dance...

Yes, you are right, the beat could be more clearer but I did not reach it!!! :(

Thank you for your comments!!
Songs for review / Re: tear down that wall (video remix)
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 15:25:12 »
Hi @Dutchbeat

OMG! I do not know very well what I do there, the truth is that I do not give much fear! ha ha ha. :o

I like the remix you've done with the song of @Leonard Scaper, it's been worth it.

That is an issue that affected our family, some of their acquaintances were Germans and they had family on the other side of the wall with all the bad that represented, and when the wall fell ... It was great, we also live it with joy in my country and in my house.

A enjoyed the so good rhythm style and mix!! ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

Songs for review / Re: Time Lapse Commuter
« Last post by Mora Amaro La Loba on Yesterday at 14:51:19 »
Hi @ eric craptone.

Experiencing is something that I love and because of what I see you too.
Good atmospheres, the abstract becomes image and history of intellectual sensations.
Hi @oorlab

You are stubborn and a perfectionist! Yes, now yes I like your puzze-story, I've heard it seeing the video. Very well.  ::thumb::
Love the drums!
Wow @Kellyanneg

How absurd is life sometimes, how absurd to walk between personal boundaries, but it is like that...
Your song defines well your feelings and your doubts, there are special days that put us in front of a mirror in which we see many things that are on our shadow.
I personally would say under "the" bridge, It gives a universal sense.
Hi @Layerson
Wonderful song, it's full of strength, I can imagine voices giving energy and taking energy singing together!! The reason for these songs is always the same, the union of hope to get the light that guides us all. You have made a perfect symbiosis of folk spirit and punk.  ::thumb::
Songs for review / Believe (First demo, advice needed)
« Last post by realkevm on Yesterday at 11:48:06 »
Hi guys i'm after some feedback on this new song that i've finished writing this morning. It's a bit more rock n roll for me than usual. It's a first demo and I wanted to share so I can get some advice as I develop the song, the recording isn't perfect and the vocals are well, very off let's just say. I'm after your thoughts on the song and maybe some help with the melody if at all possible please. Thank you.


Verse 1

Wipe my feet on your dreams
And everywhere you've been
I'm here to let you know
I ain't buying your show


Cos i'm on my knees
Lookin like you won't believe


Do you believe in me?
Like I believe in you?
Are you keeping on
With everything that feels so wrong
Holding on for far too long

Verse 2

You wipe your feet on my dreams
And everywhere i've been
You're here to let me know
You ain't buying my show


Life / Re: nice meeting (new video attempt!)
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on Yesterday at 11:18:12 »
Great video @Dutchbeat !!!!!!!
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