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@Layerson i love it!!! The music, the energy, your vocals, the lyrics...very powerful!!  :praise: :pompom:
Songs for review / Re: good morning this morning
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on March 17, 2019, 01:23:48 » are putting your feelings right out there with this one.  That's what we do as songwriters sometimes, right?

These vocals, btw, sound fantastic. Your use of reverb is just right for this one.
Those guitars really set this one up perfectly at the beginning. This is such a strong song. The percussion and the guitars carry it perfectly. It definitely has a folk feel and a punk feel........and that is not something I have even ever heard before.
Songs for review / Re: Time Lapse Commuter
« Last post by Vince on March 17, 2019, 00:30:25 »
@eric craptone   I'm usually a listener and not a commentator - but I'm sitting here with my mouth open.  ::thumb::
@Layerson Hello!  :dance:   Thank you so much, for listening, reading, encouraging...I agree with the "A".  So "A" it is.   ;D    I am a living room writer and dreamer...I've always loved writing, it's my favorite thing to do.  I have held on to your advice and suggestions, and when I take over our son's room this summer, blankets are going up!  I am so appreciative of the kind words from this group.  I catch my boys and force them to stand still for four minutes to listen sometimes, but other than soundcloud and now here, that's as far as I've gotten. 
Thank you sincerely!  I hope you are well.
Songs for review / Re: Lose My Mind
« Last post by Layerson on March 16, 2019, 19:07:43 »
Very enjoyable song @Zedd  ::dj::

Know that feeling, losing ones mind in pursuit of the sound you hear but thatís hard to manifest in a recording. Recognize that too well along with having to learn stuff repeatedly...

I like the arrangement and the guitar fills up some of the space and thatís something this song has lots of. Iím more of a ďfill the entire canvas, even paint white partsĒ kind of person. Iím glad youíre not, that reminds me to leave some space in my own songs, because this way that youíre doing it sounds very interesting and pleasant.

Having said that, maybe some parts where there isnít guitar presence, a pad or something could lend some space either in the really high frequencies or in a wider spectrum, perhaps that would further the variation (not saying that the song is lacking that though, itís varied enough). Just a small suggestion, and it is interesting enough already so just ignore me...

Conclusion: I really liked it  :) ::thumb::

Songs for review / Re: Time Lapse Commuter
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on March 16, 2019, 18:56:32 »
Yeah! THAT is what I'm talkin' about! This is music to shake the trees a little.  Is that backwards at around 1:12?'s backwards alright.

I joined last year but didn't exactly fit in. Let's have anuvver go eh?

Brother, the last thing you want to do is fit in! You better stick around this time. ;D

I don't play normal music by the way.

That's perfect......neither do I.  ;)
Songs for review / Re: Save Your Last Dream For Me
« Last post by Leonard Scaper on March 16, 2019, 18:43:51 »
@eric craptone !!! Good to see you back, man!! Hope you have some new music.....I have missed your inimitable flair,

Interesting comment about the guitar work....which I appreciate, btw. No special plugs for me. In fact, I only use the stock plugs in protools. I just really dig hearing that guitar ring I let it whenever it's there.

This one was played in DADGAD, btw.

Yeah....I was a pretty good free spirit hippie type back in the day. I have since gone undercover.  ;)
Another great song @Kellyanneg  ::thumb::

Itís heartfelt and reading the backstory added more visual aid (read the lyrics first though...)

As for the lyric debate Iím not really qualified. My opinion nonetheless in regards to using ďaĒ vs ďtheĒ, Iím voting for an ďaĒ. The ďtheĒ would (to me, non-English speaker) suggest that one would know something about this bridge and that it would be referenced in some way in other parts of the song, but the way it is, it gives me a chance to paint my own scene and that works better IMHO. Donít change the lyrics...

The song and performance has class and with this song and all the others Iíve heard so far, it also holds star qualities that most people would stand in line for to achieve and/or listen to. In my eyes (and ears) your music is already up there with Emmy Lou, Tina T and many others. Donít know for how long youíve been writing songs, but whatever you do, donít stop.

Canít wait until the music is available with a little better audio, would like to hear it loud and clear  :dance:  :praise:

Live performances / Re: My band covering Grimes live
« Last post by 1AmberRose1 on March 16, 2019, 18:06:29 »
Okay wowoow I am almost fangirling right now because I loveee Grimes and the song Oblivion and this was the hard rock cover i never knew i needed until now. :pompom: I love your voice and the way you pronounce your words and also the way the entire song was transformed. awesome!!  :loveit:
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