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@Vince ..but the dark purple ones
and also the green ones

have plum taste  :o :o :o :o

IF you have real wine gums, they ARE  :o :o :o :o ....made out of fruits...but, it is hard to find those nowadays

i am sure @Pleudoniem, being....somewhat of my age....understands fully

what kind of wine gums
we are talking about  8) 8) 8) 8)

@Dutchbeat You are mistaken, my friend, you are sadly mistaken...
and i understand completely, that my fellow kictheneer @Pleudoniem is a bit quiet now

but schedule the duel anyway @Leonard Scaper

in the 'life" board, or "other arts" board..
and arrange that live stream  ;D ;D

for somewhere in two weeks, ok?
@Dutchbeat  I'll make you eat your own gums!  >:D
Congratulations to all....... you do know winegums don't have any alcohol   in them ???
and @Pleudoniem..

i will fire my winegums from a prepped, pimped up and infused supersoaker, the kind they have in Borlon...

what do you got?
ok...i am back...
en garde!

mine are better @Pleudoniem
now, these are wine gums!!!
i will sent you some[/img]]

but @Leonard Scaper officiate that duel, scedule it...and...will it be streamed live via the kitchen?

and @Pleudoniem
you really picked the wrong guy for a wine gum battle  :( :( >:( >:( >:( >:(
@Dutchbeat En garde, monsieur!  :pompom:

Other Arts / Re: building a guitar out of color pencils
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Yesterday at 22:42:36 »
I especially like way he made that sled contraption to use his router as a planer. I see that pretty often on YT now and think I should make one.
I've used some epoxy like that to make a counter top out of a maple slab .... I wonder if I could make one with pencils?
hang on @Bill from November Sound ...let me upload a picture of wine gums...
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