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Thanks @Vince and @Leonard Scaper  .... I'm glad that Giovanni could make something out of it. It's kind like what you (Leonard) and @Dutchbeat make in a way .... but I think you finish the song and then he remixes it? Here I gave up on the song and sent him the vocal takes. He made all the music. 
Live performances / Re: Sunday Morning - Cover
« Last post by Bill from November Sound on Yesterday at 23:12:22 »
Umm ... @Dutchbeat  .... it only shows up if you face book I think. :-\   
I know I'm somewhat new and this may have been covered already, but in regards to a commercial of some sort, maybe make a short recording decribing this site or with a jingle or whatever, make it a link we can all post on our soundcloud like we do our and others songs, so it's listed and shown the same as tracks, not off in a corner unseen. ??? Hope that doesnt sound dumb! Just a thought! :D Happy spring!
Songs for review / Re: Believe (First demo, advice needed)
« Last post by realkevm on Yesterday at 22:07:25 »
Thank you sir, i'm going to try that suggestion out :)
Songs for review / Like A Hot Spoon - Computer Generated Lyrics Challenge
« Last post by Mar T. on Yesterday at 20:32:24 »
Hi all, here's my entry for the Computer Generated Lyrics Challenge, called 'Like A Hot Spoon'.

I used
and selected: generate an X-Factor hit song. I entered these words:

(click pic to enlarge)

and here's what I ended up with:

It was fun to play with computer generated lyrics, but it's not my thing. It WAS a nice experience though! I was a bit disappointed by the generators. They seem to be nothing more then a few templates, where the blanks are filled using the words you entered. I was hoping for some more artificial intelligence haha.
The generated lyrics contained way to many words for me, so I cut some paragraphs, but left the words unchanged.  This is what I worked with:

Like A Hot Spoon

A pan taught me to cook
Love taught me to compose
Life taught me to eat
So it's not hard to fall

Skies are hot, I am funny
Catching pots in my hands
Only silence as it's ending
Like we never had a chance

 I'm not here to say I'm a kitchen cat
 I'm not here to lie to you
 I'm here to cook
 I've finally thought it through
 I am here to compose
 I'm not giving up
 I'm here to cook
 To cook is my goal

 Some people wait a lifetime
 For a spoon like this
 Some people search forever
 For that one hot spoon
 Ohh I can't believe ...
  ... it's happening to me
 Some people wait a lifetime
 For a spoon like this

Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you cook
Somehow you will
You will when you cook

I took the chance to play with new audio software as well, this time I used Reason 10.2, lots of fun to play with that synth rack!
Here's the track I creaded:
I hope you enjoy listening!

Mar T.
Lyrics / Re: Tides
« Last post by Lane on Yesterday at 20:27:12 »

I talked my way through the lyric instead of trying to sing them ..and the lyric worked
very well with that simple step, good flow, and cadence I think always works I think.
no doubt a keeper .    Lane
Songs for review / Re: Save Your Last Dream For Me
« Last post by Lane on Yesterday at 20:12:56 »

that my friend is a beautiful write and performance to me..what does it need?...not one thing to me.
what a great listen.

just thought i`d stop and comment a little, haven`t been here for a while now.   Lane
Thanks @Mora Amaro La Loba  ::heart::

There is a Swedish traditional genre that I think inspired me with this song, “gånglåt” or “walking song” in English. As it suggests, it’s a song you walk to (or work) and, you’re right, when many voices sing it together it sounds beautiful and powerful.

I guess that a persons roots always go into their creations and this type of song just needs a melody. Think it is very “Swedish” to emphasize the melody. The melody was how it started for me back then, along with the title it just sparked.

I very much appreciate your “symbiosis” remark and will take that with me into the next song  :shinyteeth:

Live performances / Re: Sunday Morning - Cover
« Last post by Dutchbeat on Yesterday at 18:40:03 »
hi @Bill from November Sound , i would like to listen to this, but there is no link in your opening post.... ???

or is it my computer?

Live performances / Re: Sunday Morning - Cover
« Last post by Kajetan Zduniak on Yesterday at 18:24:43 »
Really professional performance!
i appreciate voice of that lady and your piano skills :)
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