• a great site about what samples are used in famous songs, who sampled what etc..
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i just hit this site, when looking for a specific sample / specific samples

it looks really cool, just punch in a favorite song or part of music and it tells what samples are used or the pther way around where the song or melody has been used, or what music fragments are incoorporated...it looks pretty big this dataset

well, seriously, it looks good

oh, and i was looking for (don't laugh) for some of these weird scatting samples from Scatman John (once again, don't laugh, please), but without music behind it, so i can resample it and cut it up because i am making a tribute to the scatman dance track...why? for no reason other than to just make such a track...because it came to my mind (don't ask a bedroom musician why he makes a certain track  ;D ;D ;D)

* and edit..

 ;D ;D ;D for people who don't know him....or think he is a slick popmusician...here he is at the stutter  association convention...

me, myself, and Pie

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