• A Move ot the Dark Side ... buying Piano VST's in the Black Friday sales !
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Forgive me guitar players for I have sinned. First I had to purchase a decent MIDI controller with lots of those black and white keys.  :bonk:

Then I had to start learning how to play it a bit.  :bonk: :bonk:

Now I have purchased a piano VST from Native Instruments for half price.  :doublebonk: :doublebonk:

It does look very interesting though as its' more than just a pure piano emulation. I've wanted a decent felt-piano sound for some time and this includes a pure sound, the felt sound and the mysterious extra particles engine  :shinyteeth:


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Down the rabbit hole @MrBouzouki   >:D

You can't stop there ...... with one piano vst ...? ..... nope ..... it's the start of your collection. 
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