• A reminder about making music
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A reminder about making music
on: July 17, 2019, 08:19:56
This is an unusual post as it's a track by a non-kitchen member. That's why I've posted it here in the cafe.

It's somebody I've just featured on my 'Eclectic Music Connections' list and the point I am trying to make is that it was a song done in one take, just voice and piano.  Obviously the artist, Emma Caiman, is an experienced musician, but the point is it's just pure, unadorned music.

As I posted on SoundCloud

You at 5:10:

Pure, unadorned and hence real. A good reminder for us all about making music. A good song will connect :-)


There Comes a Time

There comes a time, a time to let go
a time to say yes, a time to say no
a time to rise up, stand tall and stand free
that time is not yet/has begun, come and sail/fly there with me

It’s a season of growing, it’s a season of pain
a time of direction, the pain and the gain
It’s a time to re-order, re-shape re-define
prune out all the extras, re-assess re-align

It’s been a rough ride, and it aint over yet,
but life keeps on flowing, her rivers run deep
and I guess you can leave it, just let it flow by
whether joy or sorrow, you can’t tell till you try

Yes there has been pain, you’ve been broken apart
felt the wild desolation, the wind in your heart
but it’s time to move on now, time to leave it behind
cast aside those that hold you, let the future unwind

And there’s no use pretending,
I know that it’s hard
but sometimes you must leave them,
move on and discard
"Love and Life is all about connections"

Re: A reminder about making music
Reply #1 on: July 18, 2019, 18:34:24

That is a pretty cool track. I hit the heart button for it.

now to continue the conversation on a personal level I have to say:
That is a good point @MrBouzouki  … I believe in the importance of live performance.

Our "unadorned" music performance is usually recorded in the form of video.
Melissa worries that our music always seems "too produced" … but I feel like anyone who cares enough to search "november sound" will come across plenty of live performances on YouTube etc.

I've also come to realize that those who really "own" the YT platform put a lot into making their videos look realistic and seem live. If you were to turn the camera around or back it up a bit you'd see key lights, fill lights, back lights, reflectors, make up, etc...

So all this to say: Live is good. Simple can be good. Produced can be good. Some things that look or sound "live" are actually contrived.

Also, when it comes to live, especially if there are multiple humans in the group, it's hard to get a take that doesn't have a "mistake" from somebody. These mistakes can be very miniscule but they are still there and thus someone is going to be slightly unhappy each and every time.
Songwriter, Keyboards, Arranger, Producer & Engineer for November Sound

November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

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Re: A reminder about making music
Reply #2 on: July 19, 2019, 09:15:46
I like this track very much @MrBouzouki and I too have clicked the heart button.
Can't help thinking how a magnificent song like this would sound with different lyrics though.
A time to do this and a time to do that - and it's been a rough ride...

But apart from the critical/blunt blah blah, I like the thought of listening to other people's music. Even from outside the Kitchen. So: Thank you for posting Emma.
Kind regards, Gus

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