• Artificial intelligence & songwriting (Nick Cave's thoughts)
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I've just come across this article by Nick Cave on his - for want of a better description - blog 'The Red Hand Files'. He'd been asked the question 'Will AI ever be able to write a good song?'
I find his response quite eloquent.

What do you folks think?
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That is a really cool post @DonMar .... fascinating.
As @Mar T. , @Dutchbeat  , @oorlab  can all attest from our last little challenge .... at least it can't yet.  ;)
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@DonMar   - good to read. Wonderful to read Nick Cave's thoughts. he is right, AI will never be able to write a perfect song, and if AI would ever write a reasonable song, then the person who wrote the AI algorithm would also be the author of the song.

"What a great song makes us feel is a sense of awe. There is a reason for this. A sense of awe is almost exclusively predicated on our limitations as human beings. It is entirely to do with our audacity as humans to reach beyond our potential."
Well said indeed
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Very interesting article,   I think for hit songs (top 40) and such it's going to be very possible. Most of it imo is already using a formula - beats per minute, arrangements  etc, .

 With people buying less music I think the companies will leave less and less to chance. 
In popular music - it seems to me it's the same people writing the same type of songs, so why not switch  to AI ?

I know your not suppose to quote yourself :)  - but, a line I wrote in my song "Keeping Away The Dark" says "Words are used quite freely, never knowing what they mean, and they loose all feeling when they come from a machine" 

Which to me, the AI music is not going to have the feeling, but will have to rely on the artist to impart the feeling. There will probably always be people and groups, however, to break through the noise.


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