• Did anyone go down to the youth club with an Adam Ant stripe across their face?
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Back in the day, I used to go to the school youth club with my mates, dance to Kings of The Wild Frontier with my mates, have a bloody stupid white stripe across my face and do my best to get fixed up.  Did anyone else get caught up in the musical fashions or trends of the day? Be honest!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Yes I did. Adam Ant was a god. The worrying thing is i quite recently went to a fancy dress party for a birthday dressed as him - complete with white stripe. The more worrying thing was the eyeliner(?) actually suited me.

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Hey Digger looks good.
May we call you Adam in future. I can change your username. ;D ;D

  I certainly did ;D ;D  Bit before Adam Ant.....but every Thursday I would go to my local Youth club (Letchworth) which was
  the night when local bands rehearsed, and if I was lucky, they would let me play around with their guitars.....ahhh those were
  the days ;D ;D  I remember seeing bands like The Pink Fairies and Uriah Heap performing there, to an audience of 20, or
  less  ;D ;D  I think that's why Mick Box was an early guitar hero of mine....I remember standing at the front trying to memorise
  everything he was playing....then I could go and talk to him about it.  It was him that told me 'one note played with feeling,
  is worth a hundred played without', a piece of advice that I would thoroughly endorse btw ;D ;D  GREAT days.  Hard to
  believe they really happened now.....the music scene has changed so much since then, just would not happen these days.

It's probably the right thread to confess that I am listening to the new Boy George album non stop just now

Seriously check it out  :(

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eeeh, i am confused, extreme cool memoriesfrom Bin

and then Boy George comes around  ;D ;D ;D ;D

but if Kafla recommends it, i am very serious willing to give it (that new record) a chance

but Boy, by George, how i thoroughly hated the music from that Boy, called George, that Kamma Kamma Kamma Kameleon record
i really hate listening to that
for these three to four minutes one has on a single, ..pff

but hey  :P :P :P, my confession is worse: i am an Alphaville fan, even today, so, what would i know ;D ;D ;D

let me destroy any credibility i still might have left
cool sweaters don't you think!!!!....

me, myself, and Pie

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Cool photo Digger!

Never mind Adam Ant and Boy George,  I want to know if Kaf had a Bay City Roller suit!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Lol. He must have.

shang a lang  ;)

I am far to young to remember the Bay City Rollers

When I was growing up it was Simple Minds,  WET WET WET, Deacon Blue, Del Amitiri, Big Country, Aztec Camera, then Travis , Snow Patrol ( I know Lightbody is Irish but the rest of the band is Scottish and they formed at Dundee Uni)

I think as a Nation Scotland has done not too bad  ;D

 Don't forget The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Kaf.....Also, One of the greatest songwriters ever. MR. RAFFERTY ;D ;D

Oh man how could I forget Gerry

You know I have every one of his albums - he is easily in my top 5 artists ever - no joke - love him

His album 'on a wing and a prayer ' is again one of my top 5 albums  ;D

  I'm with you there Kaf....a songwriting GENIUS ;D ;D ;D

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