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Re: Discussion - Automatic Writing (Free writing)
Reply #30 on: July 25, 2020, 13:04:56
@Monty Cash Music , I'm late to this Interesting, informative, and insightful thread. ☺

But to answer your question:

I’ve done both.
Stream of consciousness/free-style writing: This involved pretty much what others have described here. For a lyricist, it’s the ultimate creative freedom. I don’t do it on a regular basis. Perhaps I'll try, just to see what happens.

Automatic (or ‘spirit’) writing: This involved – or as was presumed at the time – the channeling of responses to specific questions/themes of a spiritual/supernatural nature, during which time I was in a meditative state. I’ve turned none of these responses into lyrics, but now that I think of it, some might lend themselves to a singer-songwriter ballad or a prog-rock song. ;)

Like many of you, several of my lyric ideas have emerged in that in-between time, the ‘twilight zone’ between waking and sleeping, or as the result of a lucid dream, the emotional impact of which might last for days (time enough to write the lyric ;)).

 I enjoyed your observation that people have an inherent ‘feel’ or ‘flow’ with regard to music. (And the possibility that tuning into this ‘flow’ might be reflected in the ability for empathy in a greater society.)

A ‘stand-alone’ lyricist, I neither play an instrument nor have musical training (though I can read notes), but I seem to have a strong ‘feel’ about what a good melody sounds like in terms of prosody – matching music to words/emotions – and with a view to having a lot of contrast – ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ – to snag and hold listeners’ interest. I sometimes create melodies for my lyrics, which collaborators are free to either use, enhance, or drop altogether (unless it’s a melody I want used specifically, which happens now and then).
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