• End of the Svengali / are there still bands out there?
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From a post by @Pleudoniem
 I lifted this question and link to this article

What do you think? Can bands exist in this tech-age? Were Svengalis essential? And is creation always a group process or always an act of an individual, and were John, Paul, george and Ringo only 'guesting in eachother's solo-projects'?

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Re: End of the Svengali / are there still bands out there?
Reply #1 on: April 07, 2021, 00:28:01
You got me thinking @oorlab . The thing that I've observed from all the quarantines is that the professionals (those without day jobs) rely on touring and merchandise sales to make money and not so much, strangely enough, from streaming and selling music,

To tour they must for the most part have a band, but it does seem you have the good looking head liner being backed by hired guns, Someone starting out doing music as a career path probably has to be part of a band unless it's just them doing a singer/songwriter thing.  Probably if they got attention from a label the talent scout would tell him/her/it  to drop the other guys.

Now a days I think the labels get a part of the touring and merchandise money.  As far as letting loose your creativity, all you need is a computer and some software.

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